What Are Cost-Effective Approaches To Hyperscale Data Analysis?

The term “big data” encompasses the terabytes and petabytes of data that companies need to store, analyze, and interpret to gain the valuable insights offered by their various data points. The problem? Finding the solutions needed to make sense of data can be difficult, especially if the organization in question is looking for an affordable way to satisfy its vast data needs. 

Fortunately, there are ways to navigate the high costs of hyperscale data analysis so that your company receives the comprehensive data support it needs. Let’s take a look at a few cost-effective approaches to hyperscale data analysis that you can turn to move forward. 

Consider Switching to Hyperscale Data Analysis Cloud Solutions

If you’ve been doing your research to see whether your business is better suited for on-premises data warehouse and analytics solutions or cloud-based ones, you may have come across a few guides that recommend in-house servers over cloud-based solutions due to fewer upfront costs. 

While a system managed in-house sounds like it would save you more money, it could cost you more over the long term (all while leaving you susceptible to a wide range of problems that could negatively impact your organization). Managing all of your equipment on-premises means having all the proper personnel on hand, paying a great deal to run all of your equipment, and dealing with unique in-house issues (potential for disasters to destroy hardware, needing a dedicated room to keep hardware cool, downtime, etc.). 

Cloud solutions provide you with all the services and equipment you need access to without having to deal with any of them in-house. There may be some exceptions, such as if you already have all of the necessary equipment and are simply looking for the right solutions to help you properly store and analyze all of your data. Additionally, not all cloud solutions are as cost-effective as others. There are cloud solutions out there that are expensive despite the features that they offer. 

That being said, a cloud-based solution or a fully-managed cloud solution might be a better choice for your company if you wish to cut costs and avoid any potential issues that could cost you in the future. 

Get More for Your Money With a Solution That’s Versatile and Offers Comprehensive Support

In today’s world where companies can tap into essential services for a monthly fee, it’s easier than ever to find solutions designed to help you tackle every aspect of the data analysis process. But with that in mind, the reality is that many organizations may opt for specific services rather than enlisting the help of an all-in-one service or a few of them that are able to get the job done. 

This leads to a complex and fragmented system that costs them more over time and makes it difficult for employees to successfully store, access, and analyze data on their own. The key to overcoming this issue is to make sure that you’re working with data analysis solutions that give you the most bang for your buck and offer the most support along the way. 

Let’s imagine that you’re starting out by looking for a fast data warehouse that will ensure you have the storage and accessibility you need to work through trillions of data points with ease. You don’t want just any data warehouse to help you properly store and access your data. You want one that works on-premises or via the cloud, can easily scale without sacrificing performance as the volume of data generated continues to grow, and is flexible enough to handle any changes without downtime or requiring any additional work on your end. 

The more helpful features a given solution has to offer (at an affordable, fixed cost, of course), the easier it will be to rely on that solution for the majority of your needs. You should only need to integrate other software solutions if any one solution isn’t able to manage every aspect of the data analysis process. Continuing with the above example, you might then look for a seamless data analytics and visualization tool that not only makes it easy to understand your data but works well with your data warehouse solution and other tools critical to your organization. 

Your Budget Doesn’t Have to Limit Your Ability to Leverage Your Data

Hyperscale data analysis is daunting enough. Finding the right solutions to help you store and analyze your data points? Even more so. However, hyperscale data analysis doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive and price you out of the opportunity to use the most invaluable tool at your business’s disposal. The key to navigating big data analysis is to look for solutions that ease the burden of having to run any of the hardware or software on-site and to find solutions that provide you with extensive support in multiple aspects of the hyperscale data analysis process. 

If you’re interested in making your data work for you without having to cut deeply into profits in the process, the guide above will help you understand what you need to look for as you find the right tools to make sense of your data.

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