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TechWebSpace is one of the best tech blogging platforms that enables information technology & marketing professionals to share their expert knowledge with the audience. We accept guest posts related to technology, digital marketing, startups, online business and other advancements to entertain the audience that is looking to learn more and keep up with the rapid progress in the world of technology.

Why Submit a Guest Post?

Digital marketers must be aware of how guest blogging has grown from being an unknown entity into a rage in the last half a decade, primarily owing to the need to gain backlinks via SEO and digital marketing firms. However, today guest blogging is important not only for SEO but also to gain an audience.

Today, guest blogging has also become an alternative medium for guest bloggers to showcase their wealth of knowledge to mesmerize the audience and gain an edge over competitors. Google states that a guest blog with a naturally placed reference link will have no trouble with its search algorithm. But if the links are added intentionally to get SEO benefits, then the website for which the link is created may come under Google radar.

Guest Blogging and Content Marketing are not the Same

A glaring myth going around in the digital world is that guest blogging means content marketing. However, both of them are very different. In guest blogging, the blogger generates/creates content on trending industry topics with the motive of gaining natural backlinks for a website. In content marketing, on the other hand, is about spreading awareness about products/services and grabbing the attention of the reader.

Thus, A content creator needs to perform deep research about the products/services before coming up with readable content. Content marketing also employs promotions through channels such as social media and press releases to drive subscriptions, backlinks, and target audiences. Influencers too benefit from guest blogging as they gain reference backlinks from high authority websites.

Why Submit Guest Post on Tech-Web-Space?

If you are an influencer, marketer, information technology nerd or professional, TechWebSpace is the perfect platform where you can share your ideas and knowledge with the masses. Our platform offers great potential for your thoughts to get placed on authorized websites and gain natural backlinks.

How to write for us and submit a guest post for review?

If you are an aspiring writer and want to contribute a guest post on any of the below categories:

  • Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Money
  • Start-Up
  • Mobile Apps
  • Design & Development
  • Online Tips & Tricks

Find websites accepting the Guest post contribution in the different niches?

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Below are some commands/keywords to find sites accept the guest post in Mobile APP & Web development niche:

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How to write for us and submit a guest post for review?

If you are an aspiring writer and looking to contribute and wants to publish a guest post on any of the below categories:

  • Tech blogs – Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Money
  • Start-Up
  • Mobile Apps
  • Design & Development
  • Online Tips & Tricks

Contribute Today and Become a Guest Post Author @ TechWebSpace

The only criteria we follow at TechWebSpace is that the guest content from technology experts, research bloggers, marketers and industry experts should be well-researched, unique and of high quality with possible references to support the statistical data.

You can mail us your Guest Post request at atechwebspace@gmail.com

If you are interested in writing guest posts for us and want your content to go live on TechWebSpace you must ensure it meets the following set of guidelines.

Please read all the guest post guidelines here:

  1. We focus on quality and, thereby, take a dim view of spam posts.
  2. Content should be unique, high quality, spell checked and make sense.
  3. Content length should be 850+ words.
  4. Keep an eye out for the word limits enforced on a post or an article.
  5. The article must satisfy all the SEO specifics and have a good quotient of uniqueness.
  6. Structure your posts into paragraphs and points with headings and subtitles.
  7. Make it a point not to embed advertisements o referral links in posts.
  8. Backup links to external sites must relate to the given topic.
  9. External links should not promote any products or services.
  10. Do not force-feed any external link into an introductory section corresponding to the post.
  11. The guest content must be related to the blog categories.
  12. If your post is live on our website, you cannot publish it elsewhere.
  13. TechWebSpace reserves the right to put tinkering into the content if it deviates from standard SEO guidelines.
  14. We will communicate the changes introduced in your guest post.
  15. Plagiarized articles will not be accepted.

You are assured of the best possible technical assistance to get the guest article published as per the guidelines.

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