Top Strategies Apple Picks To Launch New Generations

Apple phone does not need any introduction in the smartphone market. Apple is one of the most pioneer smartphone company that manages to every time bang the industry with its new launch. The world seems to be quite fond of the technology used by Apple manufacturers, making it one of the premium phone available in today’s market.

There is a transformation of technology and processes in every new launch. Have you ever wondered what makes iPhone unique and attractive? If you are an iPhone lover or has interest in the technology, this article will be collaborated bring the top information for you and is a worth to read.

To begin with, the transformation and the concept behind it is a result of a convincing thought of making some finest adjustments to the flagship device of apple. Here is the list of top promising transformations that adds glory to the iPhone.

Elimination Of Home Button

Yes, you read it right! Apple is all set to give his users a new way of using iPhone. It is going to be one of its own kind where the phone will not be having any button. The signature style of having a button to control all the processes has been transformed completely with the concept of giving a virtual button to carry out all the processes in iPhone without any difficulty. It holds the statement that there will be only screen on the iPhone.

Since its launch in 2007, home button was always an important part of the iPhone irrespective of any generation. But this time, to add a twisty flavor in the look, the manufacturers have decided to make the home button vanish from the phone.

Swipe On Screen

With the major missing of the home button from the iPhone, to make it suitable for the users, iPhone has introduced the swipe option on home screen to execute all the processes smoothly. There is a sleek thin software bar that virtually acts like a home button and will offer you assistance in opening, closing as well as operating the slides as per your requirement. With the flicking upward, the user can easily reach the home screen.

Taller Screen


Another interesting feature that will add the uniqueness in the new phone is the introduction of taller screen, well complemented with rounded corners. With a sleek cut out at the display of camera and sensors. This dramatic presence of main screen with finest curvature will allow a user to see the images bigger and clearer.

The symmetrical, slim bezels around the entire screen will be well complemented with the OLED screen. The area above the screen of the earpiece has been removed and are given in a cut out at the top of the screen along with the facial recognition sensor.

OLED Screen

The display shows black and it blends perfectly with phone’s notch and thin black edges on the front.  Unlike earlier iPhone, the screen quality is enhanced and improvised for better visual vision.

Stainless Band

Apple has decided to impress his users with another unique feature. They are planning to include a stainless-steel band around the phone with the glass curves. These steel bands will have mall antenna cuts that are intended to improve reception and images show.

With the above-discussed transformations, apple is all set to drive his users with the new experience of using iPhone. These transformations will be newest and will be possessing uniqueness on their own. If a new user is likely going to use a new iPhone, accompanied by all the above-mentioned changes, here is the list of experiences he is likely to experience.

Unlocking Will Become Easy

Easy To unlock Apple Phone

The face recognition provision rather than using the home button for the purpose of unlocking the phone will help the user to experience the easy unlocking of his phone without any manual effort.

Accessing The App With Swipes

Swiping the screen to open, minimize and maximize the app will make it a fun to use. For the first-time users, it will create interesting moments to enjoy the use of phone.

Change In Screen

The taller size of screen will encourage to access more apps and wider view of a web on the phone. The pictures would be enlarged, clear and visually more tempted to see the introduction of taller as well as OLED screen.

More Gripping

The iPhone has structured in such a way that it accompanies the stronger grip of phone while using. Hence, Apple will support your safety precautions to handle the phone carefully.

Keeping all the above points in context, we can draw the conclusion that iPhone users are surely getting a unique new year gift that can help the users to experience the new world of technology in their hand.

Lisa Coffey is a writer by profession. She is creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals.