Top 5 Trends Driving the Future of e-Commerce

The growth of Internet and technology has greatly influenced the world of e-commerce business. In simple terms, E-commerce defines buying and selling of goods and services over the network (Internet). As the world is moving technologically, the inception of e-commerce has moulded the life style of people around the globe, thanks to the convenience and flexibility it offers to customers. From a small pin to an expensive Iphone, one can literally buy anything with e-commerce sites.

Let’s look at the top 5 emerging trends that will define the future of E-commerce.



  • The wave of smartphones has incredibly influenced the online market as the 30% of online sales are coming from mobile devices which are too high to ignore.
  • In addition to that, customers find it more convenient to shop on the go with their mobile and tablets than to log in into PCs.
  • As the trend of shopping over mobile device has been growing in large number, companies tend to customize their websites that can be easily accessed with smartphones and tablets.
  • Many companies have even introduced their own apps for android and iphones.


Efficient Tracking and Delivery

  • To build a long term global relation with your customers, you must ensure a proper delivery of the goods to customers.
  • Smooth tracking of the ordered product until it is delivered to the customer’s doorstep creates a strong goodwill in the minds of users.


Customer is the King

  • As the competition is growing in e-commerce world, customer expectations are on high stream in terms of services.
  • Recognize their need and expectations, understanding their preferences, offering them additional rewards are some of the great tactics to attract more customers.
  • This trend of valuing your customer and treating them well is one of the strongest driving forces behind the success of e-commerce market.



  • Addressing all the security needs in terms of online transaction build a strong trust in the minds of customers.
  • Considering the fact that online transaction is an integral part of every business running online, it becomes their main responsibility to ensure easy, secure and risk free transactions.
  • Checking all the security measures related to e-commerce transactions that helps protect the data transfer over internet is what every customer demands.
  • Safe and secure websites fetches more attention from the people around and thereby builds a good reputation of the business.
  • Therefore, the trend of providing easy and secure platform for their customers will steer the future of e-commerce in future.


Informative Content

  • A well written content is something that tells more precise about company and its products to consumers.
  • It is something a customer can relate and interact with and get insights into what business is offering.
  • E-commerce Industry knows the worth of an attractive content that can easily bring their customers closer to them.
  • Therefore, investing in content marketing strategy will be a win-win game for E-commerce industry.


No wonder, the e-commerce Industry has been rising in leaps and bounds and will grow even more in future.

Ajay Sharma is a contributing editor at TechWebSpace. Ajay writes about organic and paid online marketing topics including PPC AdWords, and also writes about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world user behavior. He can be found on Twitter as @shandilyaajay.