“SEO” – A Small Abbreviation of a Big Concept

Search Engine Optimization has become more popular over the last few years as it is used by various companies, trader, small business, organizations, product manufacture, etc. to get ranked in Google and that too in the first place. If you are hoping that by keyword stuffing you will get the first position in the search engine result page, then you are at myth. To improve your website position you need to implement proper white hat SEO. As SEO is not just about keyword stuffing into your website and articles.

However, there are 2 different types of SEO that helps your website to get noticed and rank well. The two types of SEO are:

  • Local SEO
  • Global SEO

Let’s now discuss Local SEO vs. Global SEO in detail and filter out what is the difference between these 2 types of SEO.


Local SEO:

The precise definition for Local SEO is that Local SEO is used for small businesses that are located in a specific city or region to rank well in Google search. This means that you need to target keywords in your website that are related to specific areas that will help search engine to recognize you. For this you can add local language, contact details, NAP, etc. In your website. By implementing the local SEO campaign, the chances of your to rank well in search engine is increased and thus helps to boost the website online presence.


For example: Suppose I’m Dan, living in Marlton, New Jersey. I’m searching for my dental implant. What if I don’t have any good idea about a good dentist. I will search for “ dental Implants in Marlton, New Jersey” in Google and look of dentists who is very close to my locality and is also the best. For these types of searches, you need Local SEO.

Hope this example, helped you to understand this large topic.


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Global SEO:

Global SEO, the word itself describes the level of SEO needed. Global SEO id for the websites or companies or business who want to rank in the global market. These websites want to offer services in the global market. This type of SEO motive is to get greater visibility in order to drive more traffic from all over the world. This type of SEO is not only adopted by online shopping website, but also my non profit organizations.


For example: I take the same example of above. If I’m Dan and I’m willing to travel all around New Jersey. I will search “best dental Implants in New Jersey”. The result displaced by search engine is what I’m going to believe. I will clicks mostly the top 3 or 5 links and finalize my decision. This is where the Global SEO comes. You are not alone in the dental implant field in New Jersey. There are so many dentists that offer dental implant, but only 3 or 5 gets place in search engine. To beat the other competitor you need Global SEO

What you say, after this example? Did you understand the difference? Please share with us.

Now, after distinguishing the difference, lets now summarize the difference in the below table:


Table: Local SEO vs. Global SEO


Both Local and Global SEO has it’s own benefits. The motive to choose the SEO depends upon your need. If you want to reach global consumer the Global SEO is the key and if you want to have a local consumer then Local SEO is required. Both types of SEO need to follow the white hat SEO has been accepted by Google. Any type of SEO which goes against Google rules and regulations have to pay the penalty. So, follow Google rules and stay updated with recent SEO techniques for both types of SEO.


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Ruquiya Ansari holds a Master’s degree in Information technology. She is awarded a gold medal for being the topper in B.Sc(IT) . She is working with a software company as a SEO specialist. In her free time, she enjoys writing articles on Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Business Technology . In her personal opinion, she believes in hard work and practice.