5 eCommerce Beauty Strategies to Optimize Your Platform 2021

During the pandemic, most industries would have sunk if it weren’t for the e-commerce industry. The beauty industry survived, but it had seen many better days. While online shopping is becoming one of the primary ways of getting a person’s needs and wants, your e-commerce platform may need some improvements to keep up. 

The online beauty industry has been continuously getting more competitive through a digital transformation. From Virtual Try-Ons to advanced algorithms, beauty e-commerce platforms are accelerating three times more as expected. While the COVID-19 restrictions are easing up, online businesses might be facing a massive challenge. 

Here, you will find five strategies that could help your online beauty business this 2021, despite the resumed operations of brick-and-mortar stores. Check them out!

Online Live Selling

Live selling is a proactive way of selling that can help your consumers understand your products better. Even though having descriptions and pictures work, providing your potential customers a more realistic sense of the product they are eyeing on. Especially when your e-commerce platforms do not offer AI technology like AR/VR, live selling is one of your best options. 

An excellent part of online live selling is that you can do it even if you do not have your own e-commerce site. For small retailers, they can do it on any streaming platform such as Facebook. By giving your potential consumer more profound imagery of a product, they are likely to buy products from you quickly.

Competitive Prices and Personalized Bundles

Competitive pricing and special bundles are always vital in keeping a business relevant. However, it can be difficult if you do not have a supplier that cannot help you maximize your profit margin. For example, you can find wholesale Korean skincare websites that offer wide selections small minimum order amounts. 

On the other hand, personalized bundles can help you determine your consumer’s preferences while increasing your product turnover. With this, you also increase your brand relevance, and potential consumers might prefer you over your competitors.

Guided Selling

Guided selling is a way of product recommendation based on your consumer needs and preferences. Many websites have been using this method, but it is likely to boom, as personalization is a solid trend taking over the beauty market. There are various ways to carry out guide selling. Most of these ways are through short quizzes and questionnaires. 

Having an interactive design will be helpful for you and your consumers, as it will not feel like you are only using data for your benefit. Make them enjoy it as well, so they can stay true to their answers. The beauty world is full of endless products, ranging from color cosmetics, skincare and body care. Helping your consumers narrow their needs is a massive help for them, and it is more likely for them to purchase products quickly. 

Simple and Straightforward

Keeping your e-commerce platform simple and straightforward is a sight for sore eyes. Many e-commerce sites overcrowd their platform with massive advertisements and unnecessary details that can confuse or overwhelm their potential consumers. However, do not also make your interface too dull as it can be a pain for your consumer to browse through a lifeless website. Take advantage of the advanced technology to give your consumers the experience they can get from brick-and-mortar stores.

Improved Mobile Design

Mobile phones can do almost everything nowadays. Mobile traffic has been increasing since smartphones existed, but it is slowly surpassing the total desktop traffic. Mobile phones are easier to carry around, and it is much easier to use even for older people. Improving your website’s mobile version for easier browsing and faster checkouts can help you gain more potential consumers in the long run, especially now that most young professionals are always on the go. 

An inefficient shopping experience can make a sale go away, and that’s what you should avoid. Having a complicated process of adding to a cart or checking out can make a sure purchase disappear. Make sure to give your consumers an efficient online shopping process from browsing to checkout can help you generate more sales and garner loyal shoppers. 

The Takeaway

Optimizing your e-commerce platforms this 2021 is vital to keep your consumers engaged. By considering online live selling, improving your mobile interface, keeping your platform straightforward, and giving guided selling a try, you will see endless possibilities this year as you grow in the beauty market.

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