YouTube Influencer Marketing Tips That Can Uplift Your Business In 2020

Having a cup of coffee tucked inside a cozy blanket with YouTube streaming is what your weekend nights look like, then you’re not alone, as this is my guilty pleasure too. Let’s just address the elephant in the room, today we all are fond of social media platforms like never before. We use Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and all considerably. We love stalking our favorite persons on social media, we follow up on them on various things, like what they wear, eat, do, and much more. 

So, clearly, social media has become an influencing factor in our lives. Especially, millennials pick up things quite quickly these days from social media hubs. They follow trends and adopt them in no time. Hence, you cannot deny the fact that social media platforms somewhat subconsciously or consciously impact us in a big way. And, according to researchers, this is not going to stop here, but becoming more a part of our society. 

As I have mentioned, social media influencers are playing a humongous role nowadays. Brands are approaching them for selling their products to audiences, as they have more influence on people out there. If I can quote it in a one-liner, then it would be, “they say, and people listen”. It is as simple as it may sound, but this is a reality of today as far as influencer business marketing is concerned.

YouTube v/s Instagram-


When it comes to influencer marketing, then no doubt, YouTube and Instagram both emerge as the perfect choices for marketers. But, most often, I’m not saying they make a mistake, but end-up choosing a more competitive path, which is Instagram, for sure. Instagram has already invaded with 830,000 influencers. Whereas, YouTube has around 347,000 influencers accounts. Also, the conversion rate of YouTube influencer ads is 2.7, which is higher than the conventional YouTube ads conversion rate of 0.5%.

So, considering all this, YouTube is a tad better alternative for you than Instagram, in particular, when you have barely started influencer marketing for your business. 

However, practicing influencer business marketing on YouTube is not about only creating salesy content. People don’t like to watch overtly product-centric videos on YouTube. Instead, they entertain content in the form of storytelling. That’s why conquering YouTube influencer marketing is an art, which you have to master. So, if you’re reading to give your best shot regarding influencer campaigns on YouTube, then this blog for you. 

Here, I’m going to offer some YouTube influencer marketing tips. By following them, you can uplift your business in 2020 to another dimension altogether. So, without any further ado, let’s start this!

Top YouTube Influencer Marketing Tips For 2020 –

Study Your Brand As A Whole:

Every form of marketing starts with understanding what your objectives are. Since, if you don’t know what you want to achieve as an outcome of your marketing endeavors, then there’s no point in investing both your energy and money. That’s why start building your influencer business marketing strategies from here onwards. Analyze all your business aspects and work accordingly. Some of the things that you should scrutinize to comprehend your brand attributes for this sort of marketing are- 

1. Age, gender, likes, dislikes, and every possible information about your buyer persons. It’s very critical, as they should appreciate what you’re going to do. Otherwise, there are no chances of you achieving your marketing goals.

2. The features of your brand that people like or can admire the most. Some of the most valuable characteristics of your business that can strike a chord with visitors out there. Your target audience should feel motivated to follow your brand after watching your collaborative approach with the influencers. 

Pro tip-

You can also make use of advanced social media management tools like Hootsuite, Socinator, Agorapulse, and Buffer to track your business’s social media presence in real-time. By using them, you can monitor how people are responding to all your marketing campaigns. That way, you can learn what can work for your influencer marketing and whatnot. 

Consider Trends Going On In Your Niche:


As we all know, one thing that can never stop on social media is different trends getting viral. Social media trends have become very critical for business marketing strategies, as they change the entire mood of the online landscape. They somewhat decide where the complete interest flow of masses is shifting. That’s why you cannot ignore them anymore. So, even if you are about to implement an influencer campaign for your business, you have to consider them anyhow. 

The most noted advantage which comes with following trends for your business marketing is that they increase the chances of your campaigns getting received well on the viewer’s side. And, that is of utmost importance. If you are offering content to audiences, which is a trend-setting for that particular time frame, then your half job is already done. 

No doubt, various trends are going on social media at the same time. But that doesn’t mean you have to take into account all of them or they all can integrate with your marketing campaign. Of course, they will not. That’s why consider things that are spreading on your social media niche. That’s it! 

This niche thing brings us to our next point, which is to search for an influencer that can fit in under your business space. 

Recognize The Most Relevant YouTube Influencer:

Selecting the most compatible YouTube influencer for your marketing campaign is of topmost importance. Because if you go wrong here, then there is no road to go back. This decision can make and break your influencer marketing strategy to the fullest. So, be vigilant and aware before going for this cornerstone.

As I have mentioned at the starting of this blog, there are 347,000 influencers accounts on YouTube. That, without a doubt, is a large number. Pointing out the most relevant influencer out of these massive numbers is itself a task. That can daunt and exhaust you at some point in time. 

But, by using social media management software like Hootsuite, Socinator, Buffer, and Sendible, you can reduce your overwhelm. These tools allow you to automate your daily activities, such as Like, Comment, Subscribe, and so on for any YouTube account. That way, you can track different YouTube influencers like inside out. All this will give you insights regarding a person that can convey your brand message to the tee.

Prefer Micro-influencers Over Other Macro-influencers:


According to a content published by Influencer Marketing Hub, there are five different types of influencers exist, which are Celebrity (Mega) Influencers, Macro Influencers, Mid-Tier Influencers, Micro-Influencers, and Nano-Influencers. They have also stated that about 90% of successful influencer marketing comes from micro-influencers. 

Not to mention, they generate more engagement rates as compared to macro-influencers. So, the long and short of it is that you should try to reach out to micro-influencers (people who have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers) for your marketing campaigns in the first place. So, you can resonate with the audience wholly. Also, it becomes so easy for you to spread your brand message to ordinary people out there seamlessly. 

These are some of the top YouTube influencers of our times. Please have a look! It might save you from walking the extra mile.

  1. elrubiusOMG (36.2 M subscribers).
  2. BB Ki Vines (16.2M subscribers).
  3. Ryan’s World (22.4 M subscribers).
  4. Werevertumorro (16.6M subscribers).
  5. FailArmy (14.6M subscribers).
  6. Sandeep Maheshwari (13.6M subscribers).

Look After Your Influencer Marketing Budget:

I’m sure you would have heard a quote saying, “nothing comes for free in life, everything has a price tag”. It goes with business marketing as well. You cannot expect anything free here. You have to pay for each and everything. To successfully run an influencer brand marketing, your budget matters the most. It should meet your needs and requirements. Else, you cannot implement your business marketing appropriately. 

There are so many things you have to take into consideration before finalizing your marketing budget. Of course, they can change as per different factors, including the influencer you’re collaborating with, people you want to target, how much quality leads you want to generate, and much more. You can also make use of some influencer marketing platforms like Mentionlytics, SocialBook, GRIN, and all to boost your influencer brand marketing efforts.

These were the top five YouTube influencer marketing tips you can use to enhance your business credibility in 2020.


It goes without saying that YouTube is a prominent influencer marketing platform for businesses nowadays. It has immense scope for companies to attract new leads for their products and services. However, running a successful influencer campaign is not that easy. The success of your collaborative marketing approach depends on a lot of factors. That’s why seeing a bigger picture is what you should go for. No matter what genre of influencer campaign you’re working on, try to analyze each aspect of it. So, you can confirm your triumph. 

Besides, the influencer you’re collaborating with is a very impactful decision for your overall strategy. Because, eventually, 50% of things depend on that person. So, pick carefully. In the end, I want to say YouTube is firstly known as a social media platform where people invest their time to experience creativity. Hence, it’s important to provide creative liberty to the influencer you are working with. So, he or she can put their heart into their storytelling and showcase your brand in the most resonating manner.

Did I miss out on any of the crucial YouTube influencer marketing tactics? If yes, then don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below. Also, do tell us which influencer strategy you liked the most. 

A technology entrepreneur and a passionate content marketer, having years of experience in fast-paced enterprises. Deepa is a product enthusiast and has brought success to her venture Globussoft. She also owns products like EmpMonitor, Socinator, and many mobile apps in the social media automation space which have millions of users.