Why Should One Use React For Web Development

Choosing the right Frontend framework and Javascript library is the key to success in any web application development process. I mean developing higher-level web applications is no joke these days. Not just tech-savvy programmers but even business owners are found seeking around for javascript frameworks that not just smoothen client site and server-side rendering but also feature reusable components and enable programmers to come up with attention-grabbing user interfaces. And come to think of it, now I realize there’s only one fine javascript framework that surpasses all these expectations. Yes, I am talking about none other than Reactjs.

Created by a Tech giant named Facebook, Reactjs is one of the most prominent open source javascript frameworks featuring two-way data binding, virtual DOM, reusable components, unique react components, use of same code more than once, own internal logic, flux architecture, search engine optimization friendly, and the list goes on. So whether you are building rich user interfaces or building web applications like never before, using React instead of other javascript libraries is the best decision to make. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that ‘React’ is the first preference among people who want to take their idea online. React.js has been a universal choice for businesses that want a sustainable, high-performing, and reliable application. Airbnb, Instagram, Netflix, Walmart, Pinterest, Skype, and Myntra are among the most prominent companies using React. Read more.

Why you must keep reading the article? Well, it not just highlights what is React but also assists you in understanding the subtle difference between React and React native. In addition, you will also learn why more and more companies irrespective of their size and industry verticals are trending towards Reactjs Development. So without any further ado, let’s begin!

React is For the Web and React Native is For Mobile apps

Many of you have this misconception that React and React native are the same. Well, other than the fact that both technology are created by Tech giant Facebook everything else is different. So in other words, these two are quite similar at the core but totally different other than that. Yes, Reactjs is a Javascript library, an open-source javascript library that supports both the client-side and server-side rendering and assists Javascript developers to build intimidating user interfaces, single-page applications and web applications. Whereas React Native is again an Open-source mobile framework mainly used to build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

What’s more?

#1 Setup

As mentioned earlier, React Native is a mobile app framework whereas React js is a Javascript library mainly used to conduct web development. To create a project using React, you need webpack – a bundler whereas when you begin a project using React Native there is no such additional requirement. In fact, everything you need is already then and there. Moreover, as soon as you begin setting up, you will find this extremely easy and quick. All you have to do is run a command line and that’s it! Your first native app project will begin using ES6, ES7 features and polyfills.

To develop an iOS app, you need Xcode and Android Studio.

#2 DOM and Styling

How does React Native render the application? Well, it doesn’t use HTML but several alternative components that work no differently. In other words, most of these components can be translated into something similar to HTML

When using React js featuring virtual DOM, it creates a replica of the original DOM. So what happens is all the changes made in the virtual DOM by the programmer means the changes are automatically made in the actual DOM without hindering the entire application. More or less, Virtual DOM is used to render browser code whereas React Native features native APIs to render components on mobile.

#3 Platform-specific code

Designing a mobile app for different platforms is no child’s play. In fact, writing the same code can be extremely monotonous and tiresome. When using Reactjs, javascript developers can reuse code components which eventually saves a hell lot of time and energy. More or less, with React js Javascript developers can reap the benefits of all emerging advancements in the javascript language. As a result, performance and the speed of programming are increased significantly.

Further below I would like to mention certain reasons why businesses and Javascript developers are going gaga over Reactjs in comparison to any other frontend frameworks.

Top Reasons To Choose React Over Any Other javascript frameworks

If you look back especially 2 decades back, by now you have realized the fact that the web development industry has transformed to a great extent and so do tech stacks. Speaking of the time before Reactjs, Yes I am talking about the time when development was all about scripting and rendering.

Web development was the same all these years but with the dawn of single-page apps (SPA), Javascript and Reactjs everything changed. Yes, the open-source javascript library was developed to build dynamic web pages and web applications. Further below I would like to mention certain reasons stating why use react.

#1 Javascript Library is easy to learn

One of the obvious reasons to consider is that the Javascript library is pretty easy to learn. The elementary and lightweight library has an easy learning curve. In fact, React js is pretty easy to grasp especially for those javascript developers who know some tits and bits of Javascript.

In fact, not just javascript but even having a firm understanding of HTML-CSS or programming concepts then you shouldn’t wait any longer and begin working with React js. No wonder, technology is supposed to be the best bet.

#2 Reusable Components

Another reason why use react is reusable components. Any web application comprises tons of components and Javascript codes. So ideally when Javascript developers begin creating buttons, checkboxes, wrapper components, and dropdown menus, they are compelled to develop numerous components (the smaller ones). And as they move on further, they are bound to write higher-level wrapper components. As a result, to save time and energy the concept of reusable components came into existence due to Reactjs.

In fact, due to these reusable components managing updates becomes way easier for developers as each component is isolated and doesn’t impact other aspects.

#3 Great Developer Tools

Another astounding factor of using React js is that it offers a great number of developer tools. The React Framework features a wide range of ready-made and customizable charts, graphics, documentation tools, and react library, that enables web application developers to build astonishing web apps in the least time. Moreover, here there is no need for reinventing the wheel.

#4 Strong Community

Of course, React js is one of the leading Javascript libraries available across the globe as a result this one is bound to have active and strong community support. In fact, here you will find a wide range of Javascript developers who carry enough knowledge and are well-experienced in conducting web application development projects using React js. If you go by numbers then React has more than 180K stars on Github and around 10 million npm downloads weekly.

#5 Great Performance

So, why use React? On and all, Javascript is pretty fast but what slows down the overall development is that as soon as the document object model gets updated, it becomes slow. And since React js features virtual DOM, the best and smartest way to update the DOM, web apps build using the technology turn out to be great in regards to performance.

In a Nutshell,

React js plays a significant role when it comes to working behind the scenes. Not to mention its popularity and usage seem to be increasing by leaps and bounds making it one of the leading Javascript technology across the globe.

The aforementioned are the top reasons why use React. I hope I have made my point very clear. In case if still there is any confusion, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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