Why Consider Node.js Development for your Next Project?

There are many technologies in the digital-driven market, but still, node.js development is in huge requirement and achieve new heights daily. You must think about why it is important to choose Node.js for your business. Well, there are numerous reasons related to it.

It let companies with the development of real-time applications and cross-platform app development. Whereas the programmers are involved with the technology uses JavaScript which provides amazing features and functionalities for Node.js web development.

If you want to convert your website into Node.js web applications or build a new Node.js application development. Many companies build applications using Node.js. You can hire a top-notch Node.js development company according to your business requirement and budget.

To understand more about the reasons companies are considering Node.js development, keep on reading. But before read about Node.js Development.

A Quick Overview of Node.JS Development

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript environment that helps in the development of applications. Moreover, the Node.js programmers can build web servers, tools, features, using JavaScript along with some amazing modules that help manages the core functionalities of applications.

The reason behind the high demand for Node.js development is the use of JavaScript in the web servers. The I/O model non-blocking event makes it a suitable choice to develop strong and scalable network applications.

Features of Node.js Development

Lightweight and Scalable

Node.js development uses the JavaScript engine which lets the development of advanced applications with greater security. Also, the non-blocking I/O model permits the application to be lightweight, scalable, and network friendly.

Encourages Sharing

Strong Node Package Manager comes with a 50,000 packages repository, allows programmers to develop advanced solutions. Even it enhances them to share, update, share and reuse code for advanced projects.

Ideal for Real-Time Applications

It is the finest advanced solution for applications that are integrated with real-time features like messaging. Also, the programmers can easily build event-based web servers or non-blocking servers using Node.js development.

Data Streaming

HTTP demands responses assumed isolated events. However, they stream data in reality. Node.js permits data streaming with advanced features like file processing while uploading. Thus, the request processing reduces time to a greater extent inevitably.


Node.js proceeds single-threaded JavaScript models for the development of smooth network applications. It is based on Google Chrome’s engines and coded in C++ programming language, which let it run on multiple operating systems. The regular updates are built to the V8 to boost the security and performance so that we can improve JavaScript functionalities.

Best Fit for Microservices

For the use of microservices, even big companies are using Node.js. The reason is one can easily optimize the performance of the application. Additionally, it is simpler to run microservices while using Node.js applications. The only thing that you need to do is reduce unwanted modules.

Single Codebase

Experts consider Node.js as the game-changer in the modern market. This feature allows you to conveniently synchronize the data between two points. Further, it also reduces the time.

Advantages of Node JS Development

Node.js development applications have been download more than a million downloads, thanks to its advanced features like real-time functionalities, microservices, and the Internet of Things. The download count is increasing rapidly daily compared to the other technologies.

Most significant perks of Node.js development compromise:

  • It enables the JavaScript coding for both the server-side and client
  • It reduces the development time of real-time apps like gaming and messages.
  • Node.js allows web app development by reducing the gap of front end and backend development.
  • The convenience of using Node.js advanced tools and modules increases productivity.
  • Compiles code quickly than any other technology.
  • Node.js is an apt choice for the development of microservices and enterprise applications.

Why Should you Consider Node.JS for Your Next Project?


Node.js works on a V8 engine that is powered by Google, which makes it compiling JavaScript into native codes conveniently. The ability of Node.js assists the framework to work quickly. This is the reason Node.js app development build applications fast and flexible that can be managed easily at a time.
PayPal is the best epitome of Node.js application development. It can manage the requests two times faster than the average response time.

Developers Availability

Once in a life, every developer has worked on JavaScript whether it is a development or a hacking of jQuery plugin.

Moreover, the nature of JavaScript in web app development makes it convenient to look for developers who can work on JavaScript effectively. Since it runs effectively on the desktop through Electrons, etc while on the server as Node.js.

The characteristics of Node.js make it difficult to find the maintenance developers in a long term.

Simplified Hosting

The emerging requirement of Node.js web app development made this platform responsible to introduce more advanced features and functionalities. This helps companies that offer Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services. That is the reason Heroku uses the Node.js development platform.

Node.Js Uses for Proxy Server

Other than the development time reduction benefits, there are other perks also which make Node.js used for intermediary administrations.

You can use Node.js as a proxy server by just writing a few lines of codes from multiple sources.

Boosting Productivity

The productivity of developers does not solely depend on the single aspect of Node.js developers’, thanks to its less compile-time error handling.

That can only be enhanced by combining the frontend and backend team into one and enhance the development process.


If you want to improve the digital presence of your web app project then choose the Node.js web development platform. Since the platform enhances the visibility of your website by optimizing it with the search engine.
Moreover, you can excel in other modules which helps improve SEO of websites like engaging user experience, advanced level performance of a Node.js web application.

Using Open Toolset

Node.js is an open-source platform and provides an engaging system that helps companies to offer open source development services.
It allows them to use advanced tools like Flux and Redux to run Node.js development in the backend. Moreover, it helps Node.js with an open-source library to make task-specific activities.

Community Support

Node.js app development is developed by Facebook. Thousands of developers around the world use this platform as contributors. They are passionate about building an advanced level library for Node.js.
Moreover, the community helps people quickly when someone is stuck with Node.js. They solve each other queries using live forums. The presence is dynamic and offers enhanced support that makes it a suitable option for web app development.

Easier Node.js Deployment

If you are a team of developers are working on a project that needs Node.js app development in the meantime. You don’t need to think twice before deploying Node.js to other platforms.

It is possible because of the dynamic nature of the platform and setup, which need a programming environment and significantly simplifies project accomplishment.

Minimizing Development Work

Node.js comes with a wide variety of frameworks and libraries. Due to this working on a project becomes super easy. It offers code reusability, which consumes developers a lot of time as they need not start from scratch.

Why are Companies Switching to Node.js Development?

Since its beginning, Node.js fetches a lot of attention from the developer communities. It is an open-source platform that makes it suitable for companies to build real-time applications.

According to the wall street journal’s expert, the major reason experts are switching toward Node.js is that the platform completely changed the way we build websites and applications. Hire developers who can integrate features and functionalities using Node.js within days

Future of Node.js Development

With the node.js app development, JavaScript works efficiently in both the server and the browser. Even in its different versions, it works well with backward compatibility.

Internet of Things has shown the significance of Node.js and it will continue to be the top-notch app development platform for mobile and web app development systems. With all such possibilities, it is almost confirmed that the future of Node.js is bright.

Satyam Chaturvedi is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, an ewallet app development company. I'm a tech-savvy who loves to explore and implement the power of business applications and software. Being a tech addict, I love to spend time in studying market trends and helping startups and enterprises in achieving their business goals.