Top 9 Free Ways to Market Your App!

Have you ever consider how mobile apps get mysteriously downloaded a large number of times straight after its launch?

Because it is also the same as some other business, website, or thought, you need a solid marketing plan to promote your marvelous new mobile application to get the maximum download. Lamentably, a great many people likewise appear to spend every dime they have on building up their use and are shockingly left with a small marketing budget. This is the reason behind why I’ve gathered a list of tips to enable you to kick begin your marketing effort at little to no cost!

Twitter the Social Platform

In addition to the fact that Twitter is free, it can give you a direct connection to the people in your industry who matter. In this way, make a Twitter account for your application, discover the movers and shakers in your industry, and attempt to make a connection.

If you are pursuing a contact who runs an application review site, remember that those people have a tendency to get many messages each day from other application developers, so sending a short and basic individual tweet can be an extraordinary method to get noticed by them.

Approach with a Video

Making a video of your app is one of the best ways to tell people how cool your application is. Angry Birds doesn’t look that interesting in the models. However, a large number of people discover it an impact on playing! The video shouldn’t be anything excessively extravagant (however it wouldn’t hurt to include a touch of pizzaz), just set up your digital camera and record yourself utilizing your application.

Talk your way through the screens and clarify why people should download your app. Make sure to put it on Youtube, Vimeo, and any others you can discover. You’ll additionally get some SEO by labeling and titling your video with keywords that are identified with your application like “iPhone” or “Android,” “Application,” and “Amusement,” and putting a link to the App Store inside the portrayal. If its all the same to you spending a touch of money to help you with the video portion.

Build Website or Blog for Your App

Blogger, Tumblr, and Posterous all these are the free website, and you can quickly write something about your application and share the website link with people, in case if they need more information about your use. Put the website URL in the App Store portrayal, in the mark of every one of your messages, and so forth.

Put social platforms like Stumble Upon, Digg, Facebook Share, and ReTweet all on your website so people can inform their companions and network regarding your application.

You should attempt to refresh the blog portion of your site regularly. Fill it with updates you just made, highlights you plan on including, and take into consideration remarks and feedback to be given. (On the off chance that you didn’t understand this yet, your website is the ideal place to install the video you merely made 🙂

Promo Codes and Giveaways

For iPhone application engineers, you’ll have the capacity to download up to 50 application promo codes from Apple with each refresh that is acknowledged by the iTunes Store.

For paid apps, these promo codes are an incredible method to begin spreading the word. On the off chance that you work as enterprise android app development, then you can convey a link to your application’s APK so people can download the application for free.

If you give some promo codes to your companions, make sure to reveal to them they should leave a review – reviews should your application gets as much as possible! Utilize whatever is left of the promo codes to hand out to Review Websites with the goal that they can check out your application for free.

They’ll be much more prone to download your application if they don’t need to pay cash to check whether they like it. It’s what might as well be called purchasing a companion a beverage before you request some help.

Mobile App Review Websites

There are TONS of review sites that do only compose reviews about cool new apps. Some charge to have your application review, however, there are a lot of others that will do it for free. One technique is to contact the smaller sites first, similar to The Smartphone App Review and Tech Hackz, and get some information about your application before you reach the more prominent websites.

Guest Posts

Heaps of blogs welcome guest posts. This is an extraordinary method to give you a chance to compose your very own review. However, one thing always keep in mind while writing a review!

They won’t let you produce a cushioned puffy piece about how your new fart application is going to “change the world!” You’ll likely need to compose a genuine post about something of significant worth, and they’ll give you a chance to put a link to your application or website in the credits.

This is as yet marvelous because any link indicating your website is an excellent SEO, so you’ll end up with more traffic, greater believability, and the majority of that will parallel more downloads. Here are two or three blogs that like having guest authors (be cautioned: some are harder than others to be acknowledged by).

Get innovative with PR

Suppose your application is a library of “cool new formulas” at that point you should contact websites that need to do with cooking. On the off chance that your application needs to do with playing golf, at that point visit your neighborhood star shop and check whether they’ll give you a chance to put a few flyers on the counter. As a rule, the best marketing thoughts are those most distant fresh. Purchasing advertisements could be a misuse of cash.

Hit the Streets

Carry your phone stacked with your application in the city and request that people give it a shot. Get some decent feedback. You’ll get exhortation from a non-one-sided individual (your mother is one-sided, trust me!), and you’ll likewise be spreading the word about your application.

Chances are, they’ll go home and enlighten their companions regarding how they got ceased in the city on their approach to lunch and were requested to play an Android amusement called “XYZ” and how fun it was.

Additionally, in case you’re fortunate, they’ll disclose to you what they didn’t care for about it. It could be something you never thought of, similar to the route being excessively befuddling, making it impossible for somebody taking a gander at the application with open-minded perspectives.

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on smart watch app development and Game Design Development etc.