Best Mobile App Development for Business

Seeing the advancement in technology and the pace at which people are grabbing these changes, it becomes imperative to have a mobile app developed to stay ahead in the market. Several pieces of research predict that people know a day spend more time on their mobile phones as compared to other electronic gadgets. Also, any business is it small or large, needs an app to reach out to the people quickly and easily.

All an individual needs to do is tap an app. As we step into the era of smartphones from the traditional 3*3 mobile devices, the way people use it also changes.

Which was just a media to connect over voice or text is now a media to marketize or publicize, a channel to reach out to customers and an excellent model to ease human life. In such a scenario, mobile app development services are something every business firms looks out.

Size of the company – a game changer?

Yes, definitely. Having a mobile app would subtly rely on the size of the firm. By just saying that a mobile app is a compulsion or a stipulated need of the digital world is not sufficient. Building an app requires cost and not small but I’m lumpsum. So a small sized company with restrictive resources find it hard to incorporate their business with a mobile app.

It is expected that companies with near about 50 or more employees go for mobile app development services. It, however, does not obligate smaller size companies do not have an app. If they can afford it, they can very well own it. But, in case a company does not show any interest in having an app, then it might be due to their size or infrastructure.

The Cost To Develop An App

Having said that the small companies are inefficient in inducing an app for their service, then it is necessary to know why. It is seen that around 50% business organization spend less than $25,000 for an app. This might appear less but this is only for a part of companies. Mostly the total cost of an app development ranges between $ 25k-100k and this is huge. Also, the cost largely varies depending upon the type of services provided or app developed.

The main issue is spending such a huge amount is not feasible for small-scale industries and hence they refrain from having an app developer for their business needs. Also, this is not a one time cost. Once an app has been developed you need to stand by the market needs and to keep modifying it from time to time.

An App for SMEs

Just a thought is not enough to develop an app. You need to take care of a few factors before you turn your business digital.

#1 Idea & Objectives:
Before you head towards building an app for your business, it is imperative that you have a clear idea about why you need an app and who is to be targeted with the app. An idea would make your work more easy and rapid

#2 Platform For Your App:
You need to know which platform your app would be built. Be it iOS users or the Android users, the app would be designed to suit the needs. However, if your company targets a mixed audience, then you should go for a hybrid app.

#3 Team For The Development:
When you are ready with the concept, the next important element is to hire a team for the mobile app development services. Depending upon your needs and monetary preferences, you can either opt for a company or even a freelancer to build an app.

#4 Approval For Your App:
It’s not easy to set an app on the store. Every app store has its own set of guidelines which an app must fulfill before going live. So if you have an app in hand, go through the policies of the app store for hassle-free approval.

#5 Optimize your app:
Building the app and going live does not end here. You need to optimize the app with proper keywords to stay ahead of your competitors. The excellent way to excel is to lay focus on the services provided by your company or organization.

#6 Promote Your App:
Once everything is done, you need to place ads and provide promotional offers to reach the target audience.

Nikunj Shingala is a Co-founder of Webs Optimization Software Solution company, a leading web & mobile application Development Company specialized in Hybrid, Native, iOS and android app development.