Top 5 SEO Strategies Used To Boost Website Ranking and Organic Traffic

Digital landscape has broadened since capabilities abound of it were identified. As the time has rolled on, a wide range of practices, which tap into the digital domain, has been introduced to people across the world. Further, technological advancements came along and led up to advent of SEO techniques. However, most marketers have failed to discern the measure of SEO for their businesses and as a result, they edged up behind to square with their competitors.

Here are Top 5 SEO Strategies Used To Boost Website Ranking and Organic Traffic:

Tap into Capabilities of Search Engines
Functioning of search engines in pursuant to user’s needs is critical to draw in constant traffic to your website. Search engines are meant to guide internet users through their search for a particular product or service. As a result, if SEO practices are rendering the fundamental purpose of search engines ineffective, then these search engines will gradually drive your websites out of search engine results pages.

Here are some of the common courses of action, which can be employed for better utilization of Google and other search engines:

  1. Employ Google to search for pertaining questions in the light of your business or brand. Further, long-term keywords relevant to your geographical location, time, and industry will surely sail your boat along in the right direction.
  2. Peek into Google search engine results pages in case of indexed websites or pages. Also, make it a point to ensure that these websites or pages serve your purpose with accurate answers to your questions.
  3. Browse through top 10 websites rendered by Google by virtue of your search query or keywords. Further, make a fingertip evaluation of relevance of the content in the light of your questions.
  4. Wield your deductive abilities to point out search queries, not served by Google.
  5. Tune Google up by creating apt content through landing pages and blog posts. Also, make sure that these landing pages and blog posts are pursuant to user queries and questions.


Propel Search Engines into Landing on Relevant content on your Site
A single content, intended to cater for search queries of visitors, will not fit the bill to jack the website traffic up in any instance. Rather, pad several contents out which might be of interest to visitors. In a nutshell, you have to palm visitors off with extra value to hold a vice-like grip on them for a longer stay or reversion to your website in future.

high quality content

Here are some of the common tactics employed for serving the purpose of visitors, who have been redirected to your site from search engines:

  1. Create high-quality content, which goes in accordance with your most-visited pages.
    Associate such content with other relevant contents available on your site. In other words, enhance internal linking.
  2. Associate such content with other relevant contents available on your site. In other words, enhance internal linking.
  3. Linking your content with highly apposite content from other sites will not only improve the credibility but also adds value to your content.
  4. Adding images, informatics graphs and videos will make your content look visually impactful and thus conveys your thoughts in a more precise way.
  5. To make your reader  aware about who and what the content is actually about , it is highly recommended to write some short info or bio about the author of the content.


Search engines will be more oriented towards driving huge traffic to your sites by making them richer and valuable. Apart from that it also helps to improve the bounce rate of the site which delivers a signal to search engine that your site is worth to view or read.

Increase your Strength and Lessen your Weakness
Maximising your SEO strength derives huge traffic and increases conversion rates of your site. There are various tools such as Google analytics and Google Adwords keywords planner that helps you know about the pages and keywords that brings more traffic. Google search console (formerly known as webmaster tools) helps you identify errors of your site and fix them to keep your site complying with Google’s standard. There are various free and paid SEO tools that you could find on Search engine land which helps you analyze SEO operation and generate intelligent reports accordingly.

boost website traffic

The following are some strategies that drive more traffic and bring more customers:

  1. Fix up all the issues and errors of your site by finding them through Google search console.
  2. By using Google analytics one could easily find out the keywords that rank high on SERPs and the pages of your site that fetches more traffic.
  3. Generate quality content with related keywords that ranks high.
  4. Generate quality content that are related with your highly trafficked pages and link them together.
  5. We can also ask our customers and clients about how have they found you or what queries (keywords) they have used to find you on google. This is considered a great tactic to improve your sales by capitalizing on the gateway of where your customers/clients have come through you.


Key to successful SEO- Quality content, conversation and relationship
It is quite obvious that high-quality content plays a key role behind successful SEO. However, a great content won’t suffice if there is no conversation and a good relationship with the user of the content. It is not surprising that an effective SEO not only requires a great content that contains a precise message fitted with related videos and graphs that make it more impactful but it also involves to interact with your users and build relationship with them.

blogging tips

Tips on how to build good relationship with your users through your content for an effective SEO campaign:

  1. Keep the discussion alive on your blog or guest post by replying each and every comment or query.
  2. Reply on every comments made on the link that you have shared on social networking sites to make it more engaging and alive.
  3. Leave attractive comment on related blog posts and make good relationship with other bloggers and writers by using your real name.
  4. Join other related groups and communities and share ideas with them and make good connections. Draw out your content based on collaborative ideas with your connections and links.
  5. Gauge potential customers whom you think will find your content helpful.
  6. Identify the people that you think are worthy to make connections and focus on to build good relation with them.
  7. Rather than making inbound links, its better advisable to make connections with people who belongs to your industry.


Merge your SEO with other marketing strategy
SEO alone would not be that effective until you integrate it with other online marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and paid online advertising. Your SEO strategy should be implemented in order to achieve long term goals.

online marketing strategy

There are some tips that help you integrate other online marketing strategy in your SEO campaign:

  1. Your website must be (Responsive Site) mobile friendly.
  2. Better optimization of your social media pages and proper updates on information (address, website, contact numbers, etc.) on your pages and keeps them active.
  3. Create spicy content with relevant stories that have the potential to go viral.
    Your content should be framed while keeping your target audience in mind and should be stuffed with words like “how to” and “guides” so that it remains useful for a long time.
  4. Paid advertising strategies through Facebook ads and twitter ads also boosts up your content’ visual ability and social engagements (likes, shares, comments).
  5. Google Ad-words considered another great tool to achieve higher search engine visibility.
  6. Utilization of your data for analysis, reporting and re-evaluation and to make better decisions.


Hope all the above SEO strategies discussed in the article will help you to boost your website ranking and organic traffic.

Ajay Sharma is a contributing editor at TechWebSpace. Ajay writes about organic and paid online marketing topics including PPC AdWords, and also writes about connecting the dots between digital media and real-world user behavior. He can be found on Twitter as @shandilyaajay.