Top 13 Websites Which Are Built With React Native

React Native is the senior-most framework that can build a world-class website with the use of MVC architecture. Also, it provides developers to create a dynamic web page template.

Building React Native Apps requires in-depth research about the project, and also for that, it requires a company that can help you convert into a virtual platform.

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Let’s have a look at a few beautiful websites that have chosen React Native as its core technology:

1. Facebook

ReactJS is backed up by Facebook. It builds the user interface for a single page application. The high-speed rendering that is provided by the framework offers more than 2Bn users globally to access their newsfeed swiftly.

2. DropBox

Dropbox is used world-wide, and it is known for its storing files and data in the cloud. It is a safe and secure option for storing vital information. Also, it helps in synchronizing the data in the cloud. ReactJS play an important role in developing Dropbox. It has many benefits that you can extract from it. Also, the react native framework can be used for handling the view layer for handling web and mobile applications.

3. Mattermark

ReactJS has contributed a lot in building Mattermark. The web-services analyze the start-ups and help them to attract their potential users. The website analyzes and objectively understands and prepares how risky investment is, and how long it will be safe.

4. Tesla

ReactJS is also part of Tesla that is the biggest American automotive and energy company based in America. The team decided to build a website with the use of ReactJS as a core technology.

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5. Atlassian

Atlassian is one of the popular vendor companies on the planet. The company has proven its excellence by delivering quality projects such as JIRA, Bitbucket, Stash, etc. This website that offers and delivers world-class solutions to its user has also progressed with ReactJS.

6. Gyroscope

It is a health-fitness application that monitors your steps, pulses, and routine workout. Also, you can track your sleep and working productivity. The health-fitness company decided to use React Native as a technology that results in enhancing customer service.

Also, it sorts out two different views to monitor and check deeply on which activity you are lacking and where you should focus on working.

7. Airbnb

Airbnb is an accommodation service provider that is famous globally. If you are a traveler and need a stay, then you can surely book through the best accommodation service provider across the globe. Airbnb is a unique idea of renting out extra space in your house and making stranges for your friends.

Also, you can call a successful project developed by ReactJS. The ReactJS is the major contributor in building the website and delivering an excellent project.

8. Netflix

It is one of the modern service providers offering media content in the entertainment market, delivering TV shows, movies, etc. There is ready content that can streamline anytime with high definition quality, rapid interface, and beautiful experience. Netflix has been planned differently as it was built with an aim considering artificial intelligence to compatibility with various media channels working at different levels.

9. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking application that features chatting, streaming videos, images, and video calls. It has accepted the React Native as a helping hand in delivering the content much faster than the traditional solution.

The traditional approach was a native application which was costly as well time-consuming but adapting new and advanced approach has shown a significant increase in revenue as well as customer experience.

10. Reddit

Reddit offers an open discussion with the general audience globally. It offers swift user interaction on an array of topics. It has more than 330 million forums that include a user interface, interaction, and many more things.

11. BBC

BBC is the oldest media company that delivers day-to-day information to the public. The BBC head officers cannot disappoint the public by delivering not such genuine news as people across the globe tend to trust the oldest news reporting company. React Native has been the biggest contributor while building the BBC website.

12. Walmart

It is a giant chain tieing numerous retail, departmental and hypermarkets. The headquarter is located in Arkansas. Walmart has added Node.JS in its tool stack and is open to accept any innovative technology that can enhance the experience.

The acceptance of advanced technology was once again proved when this giant retail chain welcomed React Native in their house of development. The main aim behind building an application using React Native is to uplift the customer experience.

And for this, they are ready for risky shots. As a result, the framework delivers swift and smooth performance and also provide a native-like feel to the user

13. CloudFare

CloudFare is a company that provides security and performance enhancement and optimization. ReactNative, a trustworthy framework, was chosen for building a website that offers security to its partner. The selection of React Native was because it is the senior-most framework that has witnessed the traditional as well as the modern developer’s excellence.


Probably the most well-known sites on the planet utilize the Require JS library. That, by itself, ought to be adequate motivation to pick this instrument in your very own web-building endeavours. Remember, in any case, that its utilization requires an adequate degree of expert competency.

Harikrishna Kundariya, a co-founder and Director of eSparkBiz Technologies a Mobile App Development Company. His 8+ years experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on Mobile Apps and Web Development. A React Native Development Company, eSparkbiz has reached greater heights with his immense contribution.