Three Ways to Use Mobile to Get Customers to Buy

Online mega retailers like Amazon have changed the way America shops, and not just online; more than three-quarters of US consumers own a smartphone and nearly everyone takes it with them when they shop. Store owners refer to this as the Amazon effect and you’ve probably done this yourself. You see a product on the shelf that you’re interested in. You might try reading information on the box but that’s insufficient. You want to know what actual customers think about the product. Of course you’re also confident that you can find it cheaper online and you can afford to wait since you have unlimited free two-day shipping. You end up buying it online and leaving the store empty-handed. It’s a win for Amazon and a loss for the store.

Fortunately for store owners, there are ways of using mobile technology to your advantage instead of the other way around.

Take advantage of proximity marketing

One of the biggest benefits that mobile technology offers to store owners is that they have built-in GPS. That means when customers give permission, and store owners have access to the right bulk SMS platforms, they can know where customers are and send mobile advertisements at the most opportune times. Ask yourself this question: are you more likely to take advantage of an in-store mobile coupon that’s sent to you when you’re sitting on your couch watching TV in your pajamas or are you more likely to use it if you’re driving right past the store-in question or walking through the doors of the mall where the store is located? Proximity marketing can increase foot traffic in the first place which you’ll need if you want to see higher profits.

Cross channel integration

Now that you have customers in store, you need to take more control regarding how they use their phones while they shop. If you don’t want them opening up Amazon, then offer your own mobile experience in the aisles. By using retailer specific SKUs you can prevent customers from scanning bar codes in apps to find lower prices elsewhere. You can use those same retailer specific SKUs to connect shoppers with your own online content such as reviews, recipes, videos, or coupons that will influence them to buy there in the store.

More personalized SMS strategy and more optimized mobile coupons

In connection with proximity marketing and cross channel integration, more personalized text messages can push consumers to buy when they otherwise wouldn’t. Solutions that allow you to track customer behavior as it relates to in-store trends and how they use cross channel integration features can allow you to tailor your SMS strategy to better find what kinds of offers lead to sales and which ones result in them shopping online instead.

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