Strategic Trends that are Reshaping the Future of Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing lies in our current actions. What we engage our minds into determines the future of our business. The main reason why digital marketing is overtaking the traditional marketing is due to the use of digital communication media to connect with the audience at the comfort of their homes. The success of digital marketing depends on the exemplary leadership of the executive, and most importantly the expertise of Information technology personnel.

Previously, many businesses could not afford to advertise their products or services on TV or other print considering the exaggerated cost. However, with the advancement of technology, any size of business can advertise their business on different social media platforms. Knowing one’s position is the marketing industry is beneficial; hence the more need to use the best rank tracking tools in the market to guide them.

Returns of a business depend on the different strategies applied by online entrepreneurs. The new trends are as discussed below.

#1 Use of mobile video

There are staggering billions of videos watched by Youtubers, Facebookers, leave alone those on Twitter or snap chat. This has resulted in many marketers opting for videos to do their adverts. However, we can all agree on something about these videos; they are too traditional, and they use emotional tones to get to their viewers.

However, the recent trends have been to produce relevant videos that can easily be forwarded or commercialized. With such videos, we can break the literacy barriers or the overriding language that comes about as a result of increasing connections. This will improve not only the conversational content but also commercialization of the products.

#2 Use of voice search

google voice search

Illiteracy levels in the inners markets, as well as laziness to type in human beings, will actualize this trend. Over the years, people are used to keying in words and reading a whole content. However, the voice content is slowly picking up.

This is where people give instructions in voice form and they wait for several minutes before they receive their playback results in voice notes. To avoid being left out, marketers will have to create interactive voice modules to connect with a customer, which is better than text.

#3 Use of visual searches.

We are all living in an era where people find typing searches more tedious and time-consuming especially when errors arise. Soon, we may have a situation where visuals and voices work perfectly well. Google has the potential of having this application; hence the more need to familiarize your brand with visual search tools. This is to ensure that by the time the new feature is added on Google, your brand will have already leveraged it.

#4 Video group chats.

Video group chat

Most chats are more of texting that videos. However, the trend of using voice and videos may lead to the formation of chat groups that click. This has already picked up. However, the moment many users adopt the trend, digital marketing will move to a whole new level. Marketers are thus required to penetrate these micro groups and enhance conversations to their benefit.

#5 Change of professionals.

The digital world is being run by young professionals who value freedom more than anything. In these changing markets, the flexibility of markets, payment types and formula of payment will change. This means that to accommodate them, specific changes have to be done. This ranges from the mode of delivery, the innovations and speed. Customers require services delivered 24/7 hence the more need to employ professionals with these talents.

#6 Privacy protection.

There has been an increased breach of privacy in the digital world, especially on consumer data. In previous years, customers have aired their complaints on their data security concerns all around the globe. For such reasons, certain rules and regulations concerning data securities have been set worldwide. These rules revolving around permanent deletion of customers’ data ought to be strictly adhered to.

Digital marketers are thus required to comply with them. In today’s world, customers will in many instances choose a marketing agency that protects their data from getting exposed to different vendettas.

#7 Reliance on applications.

Reliance on applications

Apps have become an everyday need for every individual. Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone has an application on their mobile phones either for leisure, business or other desires. Ranging from travel, weather, social media, and many more, these apps are our everyday life. The advantage of having an application is due to the quick access to information.  Moreover, apps are known to reduce the consumption of data.

In digital marketing, this has turned out to be a fundamental commodity for any business. Though this has been embraced by some marketers, applications will be necessary both to the small and large scale marketers. Building an application for your business is thus a crucial thing both to the marketers and the customers.


The future of digital marketing is luminous. Several changes have to be done to keep up with it. Failure to incorporate the above trends may lag one behind, and lose customers to more competitive markets. To avoid these setbacks, it calls for an earlier preparation.

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