SOLVED Repair “Failed to Parse the Corrupted Excel File”

We have all used Excel at some point or the other in our professional lives, and we learn how important it is to have Excel with many of our essential data stored within the workbooks. Excel, therefore, is a powerful means for the storage of data. A professional can never imagine a life without Excel, especially in our times. But what causes Excel to stop working? Usually, it’s a corruption of the Excel file as within the ‘Failed to Parse the Corrupted Excel File‘ Error. This write-up seeks to seek out out what causes this error and the way to repair ‘failed to parse the corrupted excel file’ error.

There different causes of Excel file corruption to which we’d like to attend in order that we may do away with the error.

The probable causes of failed to parse the corrupted excel file

  • The sudden shutdown of your system might be the cause of the corruption of your Excel file(s). The same seems to be right. In case there is a sudden power failure in which the system is turned off thereby causing the Excel file(s) to be corrupt. In this case, you ought to perform proper shutdown, the closing of the appliance, etc.
  • Again, Virus attacks are one of the significant causes of the corruption of MS Excel file corruption. So, it is important to have the updated version of Anti-Virus software.
  • Another cause for the Excel file corruption origin in the hard disk failure during which case your system’s hard disc has either failed or features a bad sector developed on it where Excel file(s) or are stored.
  • Finally, just in case your file is large (or the info stored within the Excel file is extensive), you would possibly have Excel file corruption. To avoid such an issue, it is suggested that such a large amount of information be not stored on a single Excel file.
  • Further, in case certain defects are inhabiting Excel itself. In some instances, the MS Excel does not respond to the instructions given, and you will have to turn off the application so as to restart. During this process, some amount of information is bound to be lost, thereby causing inconvenience. Still, another issue of Excel lies within the different versions available. The new versions have features that differ from those of the older versions. The unique characteristics present within the newer versions of Excel cause the Excel files created within these versions to be non-openable or editable in the older versions. These incompatibility issues between numerous versions could be the explanation for corruption, at times.

However, if you’re suffering from ‘failed to parse the corrupted excel file’ error, you would like to not panic, but instead, you’ll try some easy methods to repair Excel file

Methods to Fix Failed to parse the corrupted Excel file

Since there are different versions of MS Excel, let us elaborate on the manual techniques according to their respective versions :

For MS Excel 2007

  • Open your Microsoft Excel 2007. Click the Office button and select Open on the menu.
  • Now, browse the damaged Excel 2007 file on your system in the Open dialog box.
  • Expand the arrow next to the Open button. Select Open and Repair.
  • Click on Repair when you are prompted to recover the data to the max.
  • If the repair fails, click on Extract Data in order that you’ll extract the values and therefore the formulae from the corrupt file.

For MS Excel 2010

  • Launch Microsoft Excel 2010. Click on File and select Open.
  • Browse the corrupt Excel 2010 file on your system using the Open panel.
  • Expand the arrow next to the Open button. Select Open and Repair.
  • Click on Repair when you are prompted to recover the data to the maximum.
  • In case repair fails, click on Extract Data to extract the values and the formulae in the damaged file.
  • Excel now denied any of these options: ‘Convert to Values’/ ‘Recover Formulas‘.
  • Click Yes in case you have prompted the following error messages:
    “The document file name caused a significant error the last time it had been opened. Would you like to continue opening it?“
  • When you still open it, and Excel opens the last file saved, save it.

For Excel 2013/16

  • Open Excel and click on File.
  • Click on Open.
  • Browse and then click on the folder where you have stored the corrupted workbook. In the Open dialog box, select the Excel file which requires repair. Click on the arrow sign located next to the Open button. Select Open and Repair from the options present in the dropdown.
  • Click on Repair in order that out may repair the utmost amount of data from your corrupt Excel file.
  • If this repair operation is unsuccessful, select Extract Data which enables you to extract all the formulae and values from the Outlook.


We have tried to assist you out with the various means on the way to fix ‘failed to parse the corrupted excel file’ error. Our highly proficient and well-trained support team is capable of resolving all your issues concerning problems of MS Office.

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