Solar Inverter with Battery Prices You Must Know About

If you have decided to switch to a solar power system, you must know about all the components that play a critical role between PV panels and the power grid. These components are often termed as ‘balancing of system’ elements. They include an inverter, battery, and charge controller.

As we focus on the solar inverter with battery price nominally for this blog, let us quickly understand what a charge controller is.

A charge controller is a device responsible for preventing overcharging when the sun’s rays are abundant and provides a constant power supply when the batteries are less charged. Some charge controllers are also known for storing energy for later usage. Moreover, the charge controllers are of two types, i.e., Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) Solar Charge Controllers. 

Coming back to the solar inverter with battery priced at an affordable rate, let’s first learn about the usage of solar inverters. 

A solar inverter converts DC to AC current, which is then transferred to the power grid or electrical devices. Additionally, they adjust the load’s voltage requirement, thereby keeping the electrical appliances safe. With inverters being an essential part of off-grid and on-grid-connected solar power systems, it’s also important to know about solar inverter with battery prices. 

But before that, let’s look at the prominent solar inverter types: 

  1. Grid Tied Inverters: Before researching about this solar inverter with battery prices, note that this kind is suitable when the solar power system is directly connected to the grid power. The DC to AC conversion here is equal to the voltage of the grid power. The excess power generated after that is sent to the grid using a bidirectional interface set at the distribution panel. Moreover, this system doesn’t have a power backup provision.
  1. Off-Grid Inverters: It is used where the solar panels are completely disconnected from the grid power. These are similar to home inverters wherein DC is converted to AC for battery backup.
  1. Hybrid Inverters: It’s a combination of grid-tied and off-grid inverters systems. They supply power from the PV panel to the grid and use battery backup for power storage.

Since now we understand the inverter types, let’s look at the top-quality solar inverter with battery priced at an economical range: 

Luminous Solar PCU – NXT+ 7.5kVA

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This is an ideal solution for off-grid solar power systems. It is known to optimize the battery charging and power to load in the battery and grid. It comes with the latest MPPT power controller technology, which is an important factor to consider when exploring the range of solar inverter with battery priced nominally.

It is safe for home and has protection features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, and deep discharge. Moreover, it has a pure sine wave output, ensuring connected appliances’ safety and noise-free operation.


Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V): 120V-210V

Max. supported panel power (Wp): 6000 Wp

Nominal battery bank voltage: 96 V

No. of 12V Batteries in Series: 8

Luminous SolarVerter PRO 3KVA

Luminous SolarVerter PRO 3KVA is a Smart solar inverter with inbuilt charge controllers that are the perfect choice for harnessing solar power from panels to drive the electrical loads of your home. 

This BIS-certified solarverter also has an in-built TDR for loads with a heavy in-rush current. Moreover, its LCD display makes it extremely easy for users to get daily updates on its functioning.  

Other Specifications 

Inbuilt isolation transformer to protect from grid surges and noise 

MCB protection against short circuit protection 

Pure sine wave output for better performance & safety of connected loads

At Luminous, you can easily find the perfect solar inverter with battery priced at an affordable range. So, wait no more and visit their website to make your life easy while ensuring big savings.

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