Innovative Marketing Strategies To Introduce This Year

If your profit figures are falling and you’re struggling to get your product or services the level of attention they deserve, it’s definitely time to boost your marketing game. There are plenty of marketing strategies out there that have become tired and overplayed, so it’s no surprise that many companies are struggling to find creative new ways to introduce products in a way that interests consumers. Here are just a few ideas for you to utilise this year if you really want to take the market by storm.


Incorporate virtual reality into your customer’s experience

virtual reality

The more you can engage your customer in the full experience your product is offering, the higher the chances are that they’ll walk away with a real interest in your business. Using vr video production at your next exhibition stand or networking event can introduce a product in a way that totally immerses people in what you’re offering.

This strategy is crucial if you’re working in the tech industry or are marketing a gaming or smartphone product or app to your customers – they have to really experience it to know that they want to invest in your product.

Elevate quality over quantity when it comes to your content

content quality

Plenty of brands are putting out massive amounts of content when it comes to their digital marketing, but not enough are focusing on the actual quality of their output. This may mean totally transforming the way you manage your digital marketing department – but focusing on engaging content that tunes in to the needs of your specific target market can transform the way you advertise your business.

You could consider shifting your attention to take more time and invest more substantial resources toward creating high quality, unique content rather than simply aiming to get as much as you can out there at all times.

Pay attention to video marketing

video marketing

While blogging, infographics, and newsletters may still have their place, the role of video marketing has been well and truly cemented at top place in 2018. No brand should be neglecting this crucial aspect of their marketing campaigns, and every video should be crafted with the aim of delivering a shareable, viral-friendly message the encapsulates the spirit of your brand.

This is no short order, but it’s essential if you want to keep up with your competitors this year. Mobile relevancy is becoming increasingly important this year, too – with more customers than ever viewing your video marketing content on a mobile device, so keep this in mind when planning your campaigns.

Consider eco-conscious branding

eco-conscious branding

Playing with your branding is a great way to mix things up if your marketing campaigns have become lacklustre and aren’t delivering the results you need. When marketing your brand this year, consider adopting a more eco-friendly message for your customers. Australians, as well as consumers all across the world, are becoming increasingly concerned about the level of sustainability and eco-consciousness present in the brands they support, so adapting to suit this trend can only benefit your company, as well as the planet.

This is particularly relevant if your business is in the food industry – as consumers are becoming more conscious than ever about how their food choices affect both their health and the health of the environment.

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