Importance of Logo Designing & Types of Logo Designs

The fact is much underrated that we recognize any brand or the business by identifying their logo design. It does not even have to be the name of the brand or the business in the logo design that helps us to detect whose logo it is. Instead, it is stored in our memory that which logo represents which company, and at that point, the purpose of the logo is fully served.

The sole purpose of the logo design is to represent a certain company or the brand to stand distinctively in the crowd so that people can recognize the business by just having a look at it.

What Is The Importance of Logo Design?

The fact cannot be entirely ignored that the logo design is the facing of any company or the business. It is the first thing that a person sees when they look out for anything. A logo is created by following so many protocols, and every step plays a vital role in bringing up the name of the company.

A logo design that is well-designed is the most convenient and an easy way to deliver the brand’s idea to the potential customers. A well-designed logo is the one that is able to speak for the brand and let the audience know that it is a reliable, professional and quality providing brand.

It has been observed by everyone that the logo design for every company is different, some have their names in it whereas others only have the illustrative diagrams, but it cannot be justified that which of the logo design brings more success to the brand. It should be understood that success does not only comes with the design, but the quality of the product and the services also play a significant role in developing a brand’s reputation.

On the second hand, it is also wrong to believe that the quality is everything and logo is only a formality because there are legit brands and companies that have faced catastrophe because of the bad logo designs.

Types of Logo Design

Logo design is divided into a number of different types that have been designed by every professional logo designing UAE Company, or in UK, USA, and Australia Company. It cannot be said that which logo design is perfect for which industry as it totally depends on the name, theme, and category of the business.

Various types of logo designs have been classified into the following categories that have been practiced in every professional logo designing UAE, USA, UK, and Australia Company,

  • Wordmark
  • Lettermark
  • Mascots
  • Visual Double Entendre Logo
  • Pictorial Mark
  • Abstract Mark

#1 Wordmark

Wordmark logos include those logo designs that have the entire name of the brand in it. The best and the most appropriate example of the wordmark logo design is the Samsung and Sony logo designs.

#2 Lettermark

Lettermark logos are the ones that only include the initials or the abbreviations of the company name, just like HBO, whose complete name is Home Box Office, but the world knows it by the name that appears on its logo.

#3 Mascots

Mascot logo designs include the image or sketch of some illustrated character that represents the company. It is tricky to understand but believed to be one of the most attractive types of the logo design. The best example of the mascot logo designs is KFC’s logo that has the image of the colonel in it.

#4 Visual Double Entendre Logo

Visual double entendre logos are considered to be the tricky logo designs. As the name speaks for itself, the logo design displays the dual meaning, which might be related to the brand’s name or the mixture of what the company does and the name of that company. The best examples can be taken from the logo designs of the Airtime and Spartan Golf Club.

#5 Pictorial Mark

Pictorial mark logo designs are also known as the symbolic logo designs, in which various symbols or pictures of different things are used to represent the company’s profile. The only thing that has to be kept in mind while creating the pictorial logo design is to make it a memorable one. The picture or the symbol to be used in the logo design has to be different that leaves a long-term impact on the audience mind.

The best illustration of the pictorial mark logo design is the most popular logo design of the Apple Inc. that has used the apple image for the logo. It is not the apple that makes it prominent; it is the bite taken out that makes it stand out.

#6 Abstract Mark

Abstract mark logos are also a specific form of the pictorial mark logo designs, but instead of using the actual or any proper images the nonfigurative images are used. The images in the abstract logo designs are more like in an abstract geometrical form. The logo design of the Adidas or the famous beverage brand Pepsi are the best examples of the abstract mark logo.

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