How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Business with Customer Video Testimonials

An effective business is one that is able to keep customers happy and use their loyal customers to bring in new business. A loyal customer can act as a brand ambassador for a company and help bring in new business. A customer happy with the services of a company will be ready to provide a testimonial highlighting the positive aspects of a company. This testimonial can be very effective in attracting new customers and convincing them to buy the company’s products.

Studies have shown that 92% of customers will go through testimonials and reviews before they make a purchase. 88% of consumers surveyed said that they would trust a testimonial by a customer and it is as important as a word of mouth recommendation from someone known to them. This highlights the importance of reviews and testimonials for businesses. Loyal customers would be happy to provide a review of the company. This review can be made more effective in the form of a video testimonial.

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial is where a customer provides a review of a product/service used and does it through a video where he/she explains the product benefits and how it solved a problem. This kind of video testimonial will be extremely useful for a business to augment its marketing efforts. A well-made video testimonial can attract visitors to a website to view it. Customers who view such a testimonial and more likely to buy the company’s products.

If you have a business and want to maximize its effectiveness, you can do it by creating video testimonials of your customers. You can keep the following guidelines in mind while creating a testimonial so that it helps you get the maximum benefits:

1) Establish Authenticity

It is very important that your video testimonial must be authenticated. If an unnamed customer is talking in a video, it would look like an advertisement. For a video testimonial to be effective, the authenticity of the customer must be established. Your video must have a one-line introduction, where the customer introduces himself/herself and states what his/her need was and how it was fulfilled by your product.

The customer name and details must be prominently displayed in the video. It must also be displayed in the video description on your website. If possible, contact details of the customer must be provided, to establish authenticity. Of course, you should do this only if your customer is ready to share such personal data. All this goes to make the video authentic and maximizes its effectiveness.

2) Credible Reviews Matter

The review in the video testimonial must be credible, i.e.: anyone seeing the review must trust it. This will happen if the video is real and does not have any artificial elements. The video testimonial must narrate the experiences of the customer using the product. It must be natural and not artificial in the way it is recorded. Most importantly, it must not look like an advertisement for the product. It must be an honest product review by a customer.

Customer Testimonials

A video testimonial that only sings praises of the product is less likely to be believed. The review must highlight pain points faced by the customer and how they were solved by the product. It must be a credible narrative of the benefits the product provided to solve a customer’s needs. Such a testimonial is more likely to be believed and will be more effective.

3) Engage with the Audience

Even though the video is a review, it must engage with the audience, i.e.: potential customers. The video must be in the form of a narrative starting with the customer’s introduction. It must then focus on what was the problem or need of the customer, what were the pain points, how the customer came across the product, initial apprehensions, usage of the product, issues faced, and how the product fulfilled the customer needs.

All this must be narrated in an engaging and natural way. The video must be presented as a story to create interest. A well-structured video can definitely help in maximizing the effectiveness of a business by attracting new customers. All this must be ensured in a video that is brief in duration and is crisp in content. Lengthy videos are unlikely to be viewed and hence a video of 2-4 minutes is ideal.

4) Give a Professional Touch

The video must be professionally made and yet appear natural. To ensure this, a business can use the services of a professional agency. Such an agency would be experienced in shooting similar videos and know what exactly a potential customer is looking for. Their inputs will help in creating the best possible video. A professional touch ensures that the final video will be edited to add text and graphics to enhance the overall presentation. Subtle use of effects can make a customer video testimonial highly effective and achieve its desired objectives.

All the above guidelines can be of great help in creating a customer video testimonial that can maximize the effectiveness of a business.

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