How To Hide Or Unhide SSID On Netgear WiFi Extender

One of the default features of Netgear extenders is that the SSID is visible to users. This is important because SSIDs are necessary to establish a connection between an extender and router. However, you may want to hide it when you do not wish to make the IP address of your device invisible on the internet. This keeps away all the IP address-based advertisements and promotions by those websites that collect your IP when you visit them.

Thankfully, Netgear provides an easy way to hide and unhide the SSID of your WiFi extender. Walk through the post to learn how you can do it. Let’s get started!

Before digging deep, let’s have a clear idea of what an SSID is and what does it do.

What is an SSID?

The complete form of “SSID” is “Service Set Identifier”. It is just a technical word for a network name. Providing a name to your WiFi network helps in differentiating it from others’ in the neighboring area. You can see your network’s default SSID after connecting your device with the network. Then, during your new extender setup, you can change it as per your own wish.

You can hide your extender’s SSID to save it from users who want to connect with your network. This is good for security point of view. And then, if you want to show up again, you can unhide it by using mywifiext net extender login. Scroll down to learn the way to do that on your Netgear repeater.

Hide SSID or Network Name

Before starting the procedure, make sure the connection between your computer and range extender is proper, whether you are using a wired or wireless connection. Now, follow the steps below:

  • On an internet browser, open mywifiext net web page
  • When the login page shows up, provide your username and password to sign in to your extender (Note: Enter those credentials that you used during the setup process. If you changed it later on, then use the changed credentials)
  • Click on Setup on the left pane and select Wireless Settings
  • Uncheck the option saying “SSID”
  • Click on the Save button

The new changes will apply and your SSID will no longer be visible to others. In case you are still confused about the term and don’t want to create an error, it’s recommended to take help of an expert technician online to guide you.

Unhide the SSID

In case you want to make it visible again, head over to your Netgear WiFi extender setup page again. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Again, check whether the connection between your computer and repeater is appropriate
  • Access mywifiext to sign in to your repeater
  • Click on the Wireless Settings in the Setup option
  • Now, check the box that says “SSID
  • Hit Save to apply these settings

That’s all! Your SSID will now be visible to others.

What to do if you are using an old version of Netgear Genie?

The following ways to hide or unhide the SSID is for those users who have an old Netgear extender. Old extender means old Genie interface. In that event, changing the SSID status goes through different steps. Read on!

  • Head over your WiFi network’s settings
  • Click on the WiFi icon on your computer
  • Click on the connect button
  • Provide your SSID and hit Next
  • Provide your password and hit Next

That’s all you need to hide or unhide the SSID of your WiFi extender. If you face any issues, you can consult online technicians anytime to assist you with reliable solutions.

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