How to Change the Price in WooCommerce in bulk?

WooCommerce is an eternal blessing to eCommerce businesses. It can help you to build a full-fledged online store- Everybody in the business knows it. 

But, do you know that you can create numerous variations for the same WooCommerce products? With variable products in WooCommerce, you get complete control over the weight, image, size, etc. You can even change the price in WooCommerce in bulk with it. 

It is time-taking to manually amend the prices for variable products in bulk. The variable product can help you to set prices for product variations seamlessly. 

Tricky situations 

There may be many situations wherein you have to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk.

It will take time to do the repetitive task but there are also chances of mistakes while updating the pricing. 

#1 Situation 

You will be in chaos when you have to offer discounts or promotions on certain products. Changing the price will be quite tricky!! And, this may be more prudent when the promotion and sale are over. It will be a daunting task to change the price in WooCommerce in the bulk to their original price. 

Taking support for WooCommerce will be a great idea in tricky scenarios. But ensure to hire a team with relevant experience.

#2 Situation 

Think about a situation wherein you want to decrease/ increase the product prices in:

  • A product type
  • A certain product category
  • Storewide

How to Change the Price in WooCommerce in bulk?

Let us check how you can change prices in WooCommerce easily and quickly:-

1. WooCommerce Default Options 

This method is good if you have simple products at your store. Please note that the default option does not support subscriptions/ grouped or variable products. 

For this, you need to browse to “Products” on your “WordPress admin dashboard”. 

Click “All Products” to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk. You can apply filters or edit them manually to edit the product.

From the drop-down “Bulk Actions”, choose “Edits”.

Next, hit “Apply” to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk.

A product editing form will be displayed. You can edit multiple product features such as category, brand, etc., here. Since we want to change the price in WooCommerce here, we will work on it. 

Visit the section “Product Data” and look for the options like “Sale” and “Price”. Here you can change the price in WooCommerce in bulk at once. You will see default options to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk. This includes:-

  • Price
  • Sale

Make sure to apply these changes to the brand, category, or product type. You can change it by using filters.

Check all the new prices, if it is okay, tap “Update”. That’s it!!

2. Programmatically

We are using discounts that will be applicable to the cart.

Generally, coupon codes are created with a percentage or fixed amount. The customers had to apply the coupon code to enjoy the discounts during the checkout. Whereas with the code snippets the whole process is automated. 

Customers do not have to apply the discount coupons manually. It will be automatically applied. 

How to add code snippets?

You will have to use code snippets to functions.php of your current theme file to edit the prices in bulk.  They can be added in two ways:-

  • Use plugin
  • Use child theme

Edit the price of WooCommerce automatically

We will discuss both methods here:-

  • Applying the coupons for the specific products automatically
  • Applying the coupons to the cart

You must create the coupon code before applying the discount. To create it, go to your “WordPress Admin Dashboard” to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk. 

Browse to “Marketing” and click “Coupons”. Next, hit “Add Coupon” to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk. 

Press “Publish” after you choose the name, amount, discount types, etc. Make sure to jot down this coupon code somewhere so that you do not miss it anywhere. You will have to keep them in handy to add the code snippets. 

To apply the coupons automatically for the specific product

You will have to figure out the “Product ID” for applying coupons to specific products. Visit your WooCommerce page of “Products”. Hover your mouse over to the products where you want these discounts to be applied. Then, copy “Product ID”. 

Use your preferred method to add code snippets to the file of functions.php. Make sure to use the product ID and coupon code in the code. 

The coupon will be automatically applied as soon as the customer adds the specific product you chose for discounts. 

Applying the coupons to the cart

Regardless of the product, the snippet will apply the discount to the cart’s total amount. Choose any method of your choice.

3. Use a third-party plugin

There are numerous plugins to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk. You can use any but ensure that they have multiple features to edit the products in bulk. 

Installation and configuration of the plugin

Go to “WP Admin Dashboard” and click “Plugins” to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk.  Here, you can choose your preferred plugin and click “Install Now”.  Activate the plugin once it is active. 

Go to “WooCommerce” and click “Bulk Edit Products”.

Choose desired WooCommerce product

You need to filter out the products that you wish to update. It is very easy to filter the products by price range, categories, type, attributes, and title. 

You can combine them in two ways. They are:-

  • Group with And 
  • Group with OR

Hit “Preview Filtered Products” and you will be directed to the preview page. Evaluate if everything is proper and click “Continue”.

Change the price in WooCommerce in bulk

Scroll on the edit products page till you reach the section “Price”. You can decrease or increase the prices of the product. For this, you can set flat, fixed, or percentage prices. 

Hit “Update Products”. You will see a “successful” message. 

You are done!!

In a conclusion 

There are numerous situations wherein you need to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk. For instance, eCommerce businesses marvel in the market with discounts for the holiday season. 

In this blog, we have highlighted three methods to change the price in WooCommerce in bulk.  Hopefully, these methods will help you to make the changes quickly and hit the market quickly.

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