Best Strategy games for Android

Strategy games are fascinating games from a long time. In the past as in like before even computer was discovered. There were such strategy games like chess, card games, board games and all. They all are depended on strategy. The way you plan to proceed in the game make way for you towards your winning point. From that day to now the things have changed a lot like the method of playing games the only thing that never changed is that the usage of play. The method of playing may change, but the game solely depends upon the brain strategy. There are such games which are very popular for their strategies which are involved in the game. let’s have a look at some of the best strategy games for Android.

Best Strategy games for Android

best strategy games for android

Plants Vs Zombies:

Plants Vs Zombies is a worldwide game. This is the only game where you can choose which character you want to play. Like in this game you play either like plant or zombie it depends on which role you want to play. In the latest edition of this game, while preceding in the game, you need to collect the cards. These cards represent the plants and zombies in the match. Among your collected cards, you can choose to be anyone of them as you can be a power plant or zombie when the game needs those skills.

In this game, you have a choice to play with the other players too and can also participate in the matches. But before that, you have to make a plan which helps you to collect the other creatures which can be on your side while playing the match. Once you make up a team, you can play against the other player teams.Having 20 plants and zombies in the game, you have a chance to choose any of them. Not only there are 200 other characters by collecting them you can play the match.

Clash Royale:

Among all the games of the super cell, Clash Royale is best one. It even crossed the clash of clans which was the favorite game before the arrival of Clash Royale. Clash Royale consists of Areas, which are different battle grounds and get unlock when the trophy count increases and it consists of eleven Arenas. In each Arena, you can unlock new cards from the chest box according to chest cycle. The chest box will be rewarded after every battle you win.

While playing the game, you must be careful before you start the attack, you get rewarded with the trophies if you win and at the same time you can lose your trophies if you lose the battle. The game plays depends up on the strategies while attacking your enemies in the battle or defend your decks during battle.

Boom Beach:

This game involves brain and as well as strength. This game is the best game in supercell as it is a combination of mind and strength. In this game, you have to plan sudden attacks on your enemies to know the secrets of these places. You can use those secrets and plan accordingly to win the game. You even group with others and make the team to defeat your enemy forces.

In boom beach, You can use different troop combos while attacking enemy bases. Different troop combos work in various situations and strategies.

Ending Note:

Thes are few of the best strategy games for android, which are available for free download in google play store. So download these game and enjoy yourself.