Best Office Tech to Boost Productivity

Productivity is a hot topic nowadays, as the attention span of the collective millennial workforce is on a steady decline. Entrepreneurs are looking for innovative ways to boost productivity around the office and actually motivate their employees to do their job. Where have the good old days of “do your job or you’re fired” gone, we hear you ask.

Oh well, such is the modern way of life, but that doesn’t mean that you are left at the mercy of your employees’ feeble attention spans; indeed, modern technological advancements have a solution for your every problem. Let’s go above the popular and oftentimes ineffective tips on how to position the furniture and decorate the office space, and touch on the subject of modern office tech that actually helps maintain top levels of productivity.

Multitasking made possible, sort of

Time and time again, reputable sources across the online universe have spoken about the ineffectiveness of multitasking, and why you shouldn’t be doing it if you care for your long-term psychological well-being, and productivity. That said, there are also people who are great at multitasking.

Not to say that attaching Packed Pixels Multi Laptop Windows will make you an expert multitasker, but it can certainly help you keep track of multiple tasks simultaneously. With your email correspondence on your left, your main project in the middle, and your ancillary apps open to your right, you’re bound to maintain top productivity.

Reduce eyestrain and fatigue

If there is anything that can diminish performance in the workplace, it’s that incessant desktop glare that’s putting strain on your eyes and giving you a headache. Given the fact that the modern workforce spends more and more time in front of the computer and smartphone screens, there needs to be a way to protect your vision and support mental clarity.

You can now get Gaza computer glasses, which are specifically designed to reduce fatigue and eyestrain along with the accompanying headaches, allowing you to maintain performance for as long as you need to. This gadget can be extremely useful for you night owls out there, as the harmful blue light from the screen can ruin your sleep cycles.

Expedite the documentation creation process

Every office space needs a way to expedite the documentation creation process and simplify the overly complex bureaucracy that slows down every process in the company. While there isn’t much you can do to influence the higher-ups or change the company bylaws, you can invest in some nifty tech and buy an Oki printer in order to make document creation easy and efficient.

Having the right printer in the office can make a huge difference in the overall productivity and resource efficiency, which is increasingly important in the modern eco-friendly business environment. Remember, if you’re using paper in your office, at least use it right.

Write on paper, view on screen

Speaking of paper use in the modern office, it’s kind of sad that people have all but forgotten how to use a pen in the wake of the digital revolution. Nowadays, employees are either tapping away on their keyboards of giving their thumbs a good workout on their smartphones. And unsurprisingly so, as all of your gadgets are interconnected, unlike your notebook.

But not anymore. There is such a thing as a Bluetooth pen that directly puts your writing into digital form – the Convergence M1. When you’re done jotting down your ideas in a notebook, you can then review your work on any one of your smart devices! Oh, how far modern technological advancements have gone.

Improve your posture while working

If you thought the next one is going to be a about a revolutionary chair of some sort, you were wrong. Our bad posture is oftentimes not the furniture’s fault, but our inherent inability to focus on two tasks at the same time. Worry not, there is a smart device that will zap you the moment you start slouching!

Okay, it won’t exactly zap you, but the Lumo Lift will notify you when you start to droop over the table, and even vibrate when you start getting lethargic. Just clip it under your shirt and you will have no problem keeping good posture all day long, in turn boosting productivity and positivity.

Tune out the noise for maximum concentration

The modern office environment is a hectic one, and as such it can severely impede your ability to concentrate on the task at hand, let alone drive the innovation process to fruition. In case your millennial-friendly office space does not boast a couple of silent rooms, you can simply equip your workstation with a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Works like a charm, and you won’t have to listen to that not-so-funny colleague retell their not-so-exciting summer vacation ever again.

Maintaining top productivity all day long is not an easy task, especially in a thriving 21st century workplace where communication flows freely and the work hours are longer than ever before. So, let these awesome gadgets automate and expedite your daily tasks while helping you maintain performance and positivity throughout the day.

My name is David Webb and I am a Sydney-based business consultant and a writer. I studied business management at the University of Sydney. I love to travel. Couple of years back, I was traveling through Europe and AU, working in the online environment, living a digital nomad lifestyle. I also love to write, mostly about finances, digital marketing and business strategies.