Apple Drops Trade-Ins Price for Some iPhones

Apple unveiled the new MacBook and HomePod models on January 18, 2023. The company also stated that it cut the trade-in values for iPhones during the announcement. 

How much does the iPhone trade-in cost reduce? It decreased by up to $80 in the United States.

However, the Mac product’s trade-in value remained unchanged even this year. Users will get $40 by exchanging their Mac laptops in the Apple Store. The company didn’t increase or decrease the trade-in cost for any iPad models.

Not all iPhone models’ trade-in price has declined. The diminished exchange value applies to some iPhone models, especially the latest ones. For instance, you can exchange the new iPhone 11 for $200 – its trade-in cost is still the same.

The same goes for the older iPhone models like iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Do you have the iPhone SE (2nd Generation)? You can get up to $100 for this device. The trade-in price for iPhone XR and iPhone 7 also remains unchanged. 

iPhone Models Has Apple Adjusted the Trade-In Value

iPhone models cost less than before in the US. Apple states that it will offer up to $570 if you trade in an iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the trade-in cost was $650 for the company’s flagship 2021. 

iPhone Repair Dubai confirmed that the company cut the exchange cost for other iPhone 13 models. For instance, an iPhone 13 Pro will cost up to $470 for a new purchase, and the previous trade-in cost for this iPhone model was $550.

On the other hand, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini have trade-in values of $400 and $350. What was their previous exchange value? It was $450 for iPhone 13 and $380 for iPhone 13 Mini. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max are now valued at a max of $280 and $330, down from $330 and $480. Apple has also decreased the trade-in cost for the iPhone 11 Pro, and you can now get up this device at $230, which cost $250 earlier. 

Why Did Apple Change the Trade-in Value for Older iPhones?

It needs to be clarified why Apple cut the trade-in cost for some iPhone models. The company usually adjusts in 3 months – November, July and May. However, it decided to change the iPhone’s exchange value in January – which is questionable to some users. 

Besides, Apple’s decreased trade-in values have received massive criticism. You might have heard about David Imel, right? He is a technology journalist and also works for the famous American YouTuber MHBHD. 

David discovered that if you trade a MacBook Pro, you won’t get enough money to buy a new iPhone 14 Pro. A two-year-old iPhone Mini’s worth is only $250 per the new trade-in changes. Do you know what is worse? Replacing an iPhone battery will get more expensive in the coming years.

How Can You Trade Your iPhone Online?

Check Apple’s refurbished “Online Store” section if you plan to trade a device for a new iPhone despite the lower value. How can you exchange the Apple product? Open the trade-in site from any browser and follow these steps:

1. See the Trade-in Cost

First, click the “find-in trade value” link and select your device to check the exchange cost. Then choose the Apple product you wish to purchase. Add the trade-in device when the new window appears. 

Select the iPhone’s model number and confirm if it is in good condition. Tap on “Shop” and enter your email address if prompted. Close the Apple trade-in site after choosing the product from the list.

2. Get Your iPhone Ready for the Exchange

Apple will send you a confirmation email once they approve the trade-in request. Back up the important data on another device before the exchange. Alternatively, you can remove all your data from the iPhone. 

3. Give the Old Apple Product to Courier 

Hand over the old phone to the courier when they deliver the new item. Apple’s verified delivery person will check all the details of the exchanged product. If you’re picking the new iPhone from an Apple Store, you can simultaneously take back the old item. 

How to Trade In iPhones from an Apple Store?

Exchanging old Apple products with new iPhones is more convenient and easier in-store than online. Moreover, you will receive instant credits towards the product purchase. Here is how you can trade in old iPhones from an Apple store:

1. Prepare the Device to Exchange

You must back up the valuable device data before proceeding to an Apple store. Ensure no sensitive data is saved on the iPhone’s Clipboard or any other app. Remove all the productivity and messaging apps from the iOS device.

Apple recommends unpairing the smartwatches from your iPhone before you bring the device to their store. Besides, users must sign out from their iCloud account, iTunes and even App Store. Don’t reset the iOS settings – or else accessing the device might be difficult. 

2. Visit a Nearby Apple Store

Take the old Apple product to an authorised Apple store. A specialist will evaluate the iOS device’s condition and share the trade-in value with you. If the iPhone has structural damage or hairline cracks over the screen – they won’t give you the value. Apple store specialists will recycle the product instead for free.

What If You Don’t Have the Budget to Buy a New iPhone?

If you want an iPhone 13 in exchange for a 3-year-old iPad Mini, you must pay additional money for the new purchase. For instance, Apple gives up to $240 as an iPad Mini trade-in value. However, the iPhone 13 costs $699, so you must pay $456 extra to get the product.

Apple puts the device’s current value on a gift card if someone isn’t ready to buy the new item. You can use this gift card anytime for in-store or online purchases. 

How can you get a “Gift Card”? Open Apple’s trade-in site, get an estimate through the tool and select the Apple Gift card option to use it later. 

How to Check Your iPhone’s Trade-in Status?

You can track the status online only if you have purchased a new iPhone online with a trade-in. Did you receive an Apple Gift Card for the previous purchase? You can also check the product status from the Apple trade-in site.

Additionally, Apple users can click the link in their trade-in confirmation email to find their order. However, if you have deleted the confirmation email, open your Apple Store account. Enter your Apple ID or order number to track the trade-in status.

Who is Eligible for Apple’s iPhone Trade-Ins?

Apple and third-party devices are eligible for a trade-in credit or gift card. However, you must make 12 instalments for the old iPhone to get a new one. Otherwise, Apple won’t allow you to exchange the old Apple product. 

Can You Trade in a Device that is Enlisted under iPhone Upgrade Program?

Don’t proceed with Apple Trade-in if you’re currently an iPhone Upgrade Program member and don’t have any plan to cancel it. After you upgrade and receive the new iPhone, you can trade in the old one. 

What happens if you enrol in Apple Trade-In when you’re already using the iPhone Upgrade Program? Apple will cancel the iPhone Upgrade Program, and you will be responsible for the outstanding debt.

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