8 Things You Need to Know About SEO

We often hear SEO especially in the digital marketing whether in the local or international arena. But what is it all about? Does it matter? What can the businesses learn from it?

To feed your curiosity, we listed some necessary information about SEO that you should know about:

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, in layman’s term, is improving the search rank and online presence of your website. It is an investment for companies and businesses to reach more audience and let their brand, products, and services well-known. There are readily available SEO tips and rules on the Internet, but some if not all result in employing tech solutions company to help them with this matter.

In the field of digital marketing in the Philippines, SEO is one of the critical matters we should look into.

#1 The Three Pillars of SEO

Basically, there are three pillars of SEO namely content, links and social media. The intrinsic relationship between these three is crucial if you would like to step up your online presence. Engaging in one pillar is alright but having them all together will do good for your website in the search engines. Jayson DeMers of AudienceBloom has reiterated this.

#2 Publishing content is OK, but good ones are the best

Contrary to popular belief that as long as your publishing contents containing essential keywords and details about your page, you’re good to go – SEO doesn’t work that way. Updates of Google algorithm do not only take into account how many posts you have published but also its quality. It should be readable and understandable by people, and not by robots.

#3 Site speed is critical in SEO

For a company’s webpage to gain more online traffic and presence, one should consider its site speed. Google and any other search engines would love to provide quality browsing experience to all of its users. If your page almost takes forever to load, you might be lagging behind. Time to update and check your website to see what makes your site speed slow.

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#4 Use of keywords are critical

Keyword stuffing is a no-no in SEO. You might think that putting many keywords in one post would help your group surface better online, but it does not. It will seem to be not trust-worthy to Google. Aside from that, make sure the keywords you choose are specific as to make more impact.

#5 Update your web design

Connected to site speed is your web design. Optimizing it or updating it to different platforms like mobile phones and tablets, which are often used by netizens, will help your page load faster and give the users a better experience. Just think of it if you are the browser, would you spend time searching on a website that is not optimized for your gadget?

#6 Social Media plays an important role

SEO is not just about blog posts on different websites or pages, but social media also holds a vital role. The rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media is a huge platform to promote your brand and your page as well. We should utilize it in a right way that would help our businesses. Do not resort to spam advertisements and promotions as it will just drive away potential clients and viewers.

#7 Follow rules or else

Aside from the aforementioned necessary things about SEO, there are some rules that you should follow if you want to be successful in this area. Avoid spamming, keyword stuffing, posting irrelevant topics about your products are just a few to which you should follow. Engaging in black hat SEO will probably do more harm than good.

#8 Keep yourself up-to-date

Change is probably the only constant thing in the world. Even on the Internet, you should anticipate changes. So if you want to continue to rise and improve in your online presence, keep yourself updated with new algorithms and study them thoroughly.

SEO can surely help you with your marketing strategies and brand promotions, if you do what is right and follow the rules. The competition in the digital marketing Philippines might be challenging, but if you know how to equip yourself with the right information and do what is ask correct, you are halfway there.

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