50 SEO Statistics to Help You Land on the First Page

We have all heard of alternate realities and alternate worlds. The digital world is one such alternate reality that is fast becoming more real than the physical world. When half the population spends more than half of their day in this world; it makes sense for businesses to make a base here. When a user runs a search on the web, the search engine throws up some names and if you want your business to be his pick, your name should be on the first page. SEO isn’t as easy as it sounds. There is much more to it than meets the eye. These statistics will give you an insight on what you should do and what not.

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SMA Marketing statistics

1. The traffic generated by search engines like Google and Bing is way more than that by social media so try and be on it.

2. SEO almost always leads to email and web surfing post a browser search

3. The top results on Google with the word ‘Ad’ displayed next to it are ignored by users as the result loses its genuine credibility. 

4. How many times have you moved past the first page since you did not find what you were looking for on the first page? First page should be the target

5. Owned by Alphabet Inc. (They own Google too), YouTube ranks next only to Google when it comes to searches. 

6. Google Home, Siri, Cortana, OK Google and Alexa are some of the voice search engines that are used commonly now. 

7. Almost 87% of smartphone users use SEO more than once a day and use it quite productively for that. 

8. Websites with blogs engage more internet users and blogs place a B2B higher on the Search Engine.

9. SEO is cheaper than other outbound techniques like direct mailers which are expensive as they involve more finance and manpower.

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10. SEO sales conversion rate is 14.6% which is way than the meager 1.7 % rate of email and print media


11. 99% of the search results reflected on the first page have an external as well as an internal link on their page.


12. Internet users in the U.S alone contribute to almost 60 billion searches in a month on Google alone. 

13. If you are a top-ranking search result on Google, one-fifth of searches made on it lead to a second click.

14. An average search on Google takes just under a minute from the user entering the query to the search result being displayed. 

15. Image search results rank low. Only 3 percent of searches on Google search are for images. 

16. 41% on PC and 57% searches on mobile result in no clicks as the data required by the user gets displayed on the Google search page itself.

17. Only 15% of US web users use at least one search a day. This figure goes up to 45% for a weekly search and 68% for a monthly search. 


18. The US alone has a staggering number of web search users amounting to 236.5 million and this number is constantly growing.

19. SEO market spend in the US alone is touted to touch a whopping 80 million dollars by 2020. 

20. More and more mobile search users, 31% almost, are gravitating towards voice search which is easy to use and uses fewer words.

21. The number of US bloggers is expected to be around 31.7 million by 2020


22. 23. 61% of marketers are now treating SEO as their top marketing strategy

23. More than half of the searches done on Google include four or more words 

24. Goggle gets almost 86%of all search traffic on the web

25. Voice searches will tantamount to almost 50% of searches by 2020

26. The lead generation with SEO is high quality and lead conversion is high too, with these leads according to marketers. 

27. According to 60% B2B SEO stats, SEO is one of the most efficient marketing strategies 


28. The longer the content, the better are its chances of featuring in the top searches on Google

29. Upgrading the blog on the website leads to increase in the organic traffic by 111%


30. The ‘near me’ search has 93% users clicking only the first link

31. The ‘near me’ search is used by 82% of mobile phone users


32. 51% of the web traffic on a website is organic while paid searches are 10%, social network traffic 5% and 34% from sources like emails and print media 

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33. 8% of searches are done in the form of a question

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34. Google gets around 20% new searches every day

35. The growth rate of Google search is between 10%-15% annually


36. SEO goes down when Google goes down. Something like this happened in 2013.

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37. Almost five to six hundred changes are made to Google search engine every year

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38. Google page one searches are mostly HTTP as they are secure and load fast

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39. Google mobile app gets more than 20% voice searches 

40. Local searches made on Google has 76% of people visiting a place in the five-mile radius

41. Top searches include ‘ stores open now’ and ‘ food open now’

42. Location-based searches are almost 30%

43. Most users start the search on one device but continue with it later on another device, expecting the same level of search ease

44. 82% of mobile phone users do a web search before purchasing in a brick and mortar store


45. More than half of Google searches are for local product or services. Mention your address on the page.

46. 50% of mobile phone users search for a local address or working hours of a local business on the web

47. 75% or more of Google searches lead to the user making a phone call so add a phone number


48. 61% of mobile phone searchers want a mobile friendly website

Search Engine Watch

49. 72% of PC and tablet users and 67% of mobile phone users prefer customized local ads

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50. Conversion rate falls by 12% if your web page takes even two extra seconds to load

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