A Guide to Hiring the Right SEO Specialist Who Can Keep Up with the Ever-Evolving SEO Pace

The SEO field is an ever-changing one with search engines altering their algorithms every now and then. Google employs some of the best minds to change it and keep it immune from SEO experts cracking the code and impacting the search results. Now when you hire SEO services company, you would want an SEO specialist who is aware of any new developments that have taken place in search algorithms and are quick to adapt to the changing trends and practices.

You need to do some groundwork to hire an SEO expert who is capable of keeping up with the ever-evolving SEO pace and coming up with a checklist that will help in finding the right persona or agency. You would want someone who can make rational decisions, is fast to act and adapt to changes, is sound when it comes to technical know-how and knows why they are doing, what they are doing. There are few questions you should put across to the SEO agency and based on their answers you can then take a call.

Who All Are Hiring Your Services and for How Long?

It’s always the portfolio of a particular agency, which helps in assessing their potential. Don’t just hire if you find that the portfolio is impressive with some big brand names as their customers. Ask them if they are still their clients or do they renew their contracts with the agency. If they only had small stints with a majority of their clients, then it simply means that they are not professional enough and things go bad somewhere, which leads to the contracts getting terminated.

Find out the specialization of an SEO agency. For instance, if you’re a home service business owner, you might want to consider home service SEO. Lawyers can work with law firm SEO services and doctors for healthcare service SEO.

How Will You Help in Improving the Google Rankings of My Website?

The agency should be able to pinpoint a few areas that they consider needs improvement if they have come with some preparation after having a short review of your website. They should be able to tell you what tools and techniques they will use to improve your website rankings. If they are clueless about it or have come unprepared for the interview, then you should consider it as a negative and move on to some other agency.

Will You Guarantee Me the Highest Google Ranking?

Even the best SEO company in India cannot guarantee this. All that they can guarantee is that they will do their best to come up with a proper strategy making use of available tools and techniques to enhance the rankings. Anyone guaranteeing the top slot is simply bluffing and you should stay away from such a company.

How Will You Measure and Discuss Progress?

The SEO services in India you are interviewing should be able to provide a clear answer to this. They should be able to tell you what reports they will generate and how it will help in measuring the success of their strategy. They will be having some actual statistics to show their progress to you at a pre-defined frequency, which can be fortnightly or monthly or as discussed between the two of you.

Why Will You Be a Good Choice for My Business?

Many SEO companies are operating from different cities and catering to different clients. Some of them have made a name for themselves and that too for all the right reasons. But, as businesses and the client’s requirements vary, it is quite possible that the agency that is good for someone is not apt for your goals or your size or type of business. It is also possible that a company looks big just because they have partnerships or alliances in other cities and they mention it in totality in their portfolio, while they are not competent enough on their own. Thus, you should ask why a particular agency will be a good choice for your business. You should also do some groundwork on your own to figure out if they will be the right choice.

How Experienced Are You in Improving Local SEO?

If your business requires you to focus on the local market, then asking this question is extremely important. This is because the local SEO requirements are a little different than the general SEO. When you have to focus more on local markets, the agency you hire needs to have a thorough knowledge of local SEO strategies and they also need the relevant data and tools for that. For instance, link building, which in general SEO, should be from websites in the same niche; in local SEO, it’s not mandatory. Here link building is done differently.

These are few of the questions that you should be asking to find the right SEO services in India that can help you increase your rankings and hence visibility. You should also do some research on your own so that you can decipher the answers correctly. Based on the answers, you will be able to make the right choice of SEO specialist for your needs.

Pranab Bhandari is the editor of personal finance blog "financebuzz!". Apart from managing is blog content he has contributed to many national and international publications. He has expertise in writing finance,business and markting.