5 Free Customer Feedback Form Templates For Any Business

Feedback forms are the most effective way to collect actionable customer feedback quickly. Some feedback forms get designed to collect swiftly many simple responses. Others intend to collect and organize detailed information.

What Is A Feedback Form?

Feedback forms or surveys are a simple way to collect information from your customers.

They are essentially a series of questions designed to elicit the most essential information that can help you improve your business.

Feedback forms can collect data and valuable insights about how people perceive businesses‘ treatment of them in terms of products, services, and so on, which is why business owners rely heavily on them when developing strategies at all levels.

Here is an example of one of the customer feedback questions: 

“Did you like the quality of our product?”

Five free customer feedback form templates for any business

1. Customer satisfaction score template (CSAT) 

The Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score provides a simple and measurable way to evaluate your business. CSAT asks customers to rate their satisfaction from one to three or one to five. 

There are several advantages to using this type of customer feedback survey: 

  • Customers will find it simple to fill out
  • Easily quantifiable
  • Simple to compare to averages or year over year.
  • It gives both general and specific information.

This survey is ideal if you require the following information:

  • Quantifiable data to compare from year to year or month to month.
  • Data on the most critical aspects of your company.
  • Quickly gathering customer feedback.

How to create your CSAT feedback form template? 

It is simple to create your own CSAT feedback form. Decide what information you want to collect and why. What questions do you wish to have answered? What metrics do you want to track over time? 

Example of CSAT feedback form template: 

CSAT Feedback

2. Net promoter score template (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is similar to CSAT in that it asks a specific customer feedback question: “How likely are you to recommend our company?”

You can calculate overall NPS by subtracting the percentage of “detractors” (those who answered with a number between 0 and 6) from the percentage of “promoters” (those who responded with a nine or a ten). 

Because these are percentages, the total NPS score can range between 100 and -100. NPS correlates with other business metrics such as customer retention and revenue, making it a good indicator for your company.

This customer feedback survey example offers several benefits:

  • Provides useful information.
  • Allows you to collect a large number of responses quickly.
  • This metric is a good predictor of overall company performance.

This survey is ideal if you require the following information:

  • Compare the overall performance of the company month after month or year after year.
  • Determine the impact of a specific campaign or initiative on customer satisfaction.
  • Collect customer feedback data in a measurable format as soon as possible.

How to create an NPS feedback form template?

The NPS feedback form template is straightforward because it only has one or two questions. This feedback form template intends to collect quantifiable data as quickly as possible.

Customers respond quickly to a single, multi-choice question, allowing you to collect many responses. This survey is great for determining where problems exist, but it won’t tell you what’s wrong. 

This survey is great for determining where problems exist, but it won’t tell you what’s wrong. You might need a more detailed feedback form for that. 

Implement the NPS feedback form template via email or software tools to gather customer feedback. 

Example of NPS feedback form template: 

NPS Template

3. Customer Effort Score template (CES)

The Customer Effort Score (CES) determines how difficult a task is to complete. It gets commonly used to evaluate customer service responses or purchasing experiences, but it also has other applications. 

This customer feedback survey brings a lot of benefits: 

  • Allows you to evaluate specific activities.
  • Provides numerical data for comparison.
  • It is simple to submit and collect.

This survey is ideal for: 

  • Take a look at the online purchasing experience.
  • Evaluating customer service responses

How to create a CES feedback form template? 

NPS and CSAT feedback form templates are similar to CES feedback form templates. On the other hand, CES solicits customer feedback on a specific activity. 

The theory behind CES surveys is that more complex tasks will have the most significant impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and purchasing. Businesses use CES surveys to identify and simplify complex tasks. 

Example of CES feedback form template: 

CES Feedback

4. Post-purchase experience template 

Customer surveys can evaluate a customer’s overall experience or feelings about your company, or they can get used to assess a single interaction. Some customer feedback forms can determine how well your product or service works.

Following a visit or use, a brief customer feedback survey can reveal what worked well and what did not. 

This type of survey has numerous benefits, including:

  • Identifying problems with your company or service.
  • determining whether or not issues have got resolved
  • Using a multiple-choice list to determine the frequency of the problems quickly.

This survey is ideal for: 

  • Determining the impact of a specific problem.
  • Take a look at the overall quality of your product or service.
  • Calculating the effect of improvements over time.

How to create a post-purchase experience feedback form template? 

Creating a feedback form template for this survey is more difficult because it will vary depending on your research problems. With this feedback form template, you’ll collect customer insights to refine the shopping experience and prevent customer churn. Creating this survey is easy but it will take less time by using a free survey maker

Example of post-purchase feedback form template: 

Free Survey Maker

5. Customer information template 

The majority of customer feedback survey examples are about your customers’ reactions to your business, but some surveys get used to gather more specific information about your customers.

Knowing your customers’ concerns, what they expect from your company, and other details can help you better serve them. A customer information survey is the best way to gather this information.

This type of survey has several benefits, including:

  • Identify the most effective methods of reaching out to your customers.
  • Identify which features or benefits customers would most appreciate.
  • Finding the most relevant topics and information for customers.

The survey is ideal for: 

  • Get feedback on new features or expanding your business.
  • Understanding the wants and needs of customers
  • Improving your marketing communications and media.

How to create a customer information feedback form template? 

Because this type of survey will be more extended, this template will most likely need more tweaking. First and foremost, you must understand what information you require and why. Are you looking for demographic information to help you better target your advertisements? Or do you want to learn how customers interact with your product or service to improve it? After taking all these considerations, you can optimize your template. 

Example of customer information feedback form template: 

Customer information template 


Start creating your surveys with these customer feedback form templates. Consider what you want to achieve and select a survey that best suits your objectives. You can get the data you need to move forward with the proper survey and the right tools to collect it.

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