How Businesses Are Getting In Touch With Their Creativity

Innovative restaurants are turning up the heat when it comes to creativity. Whether it’s posting mouth-watering pictures on Instagram or hiring Hollywood set designers to remodel their entire restaurant, contemporary eateries are taking their art game to a whole new level.

Creativity Outside the Kitchen

Today, restaurants need to be more than four walls and a ceiling. The most successful restaurants have become destinations of sorts– places that people long to visit and return to, and not just for the food. These popular eateries go far beyond tasty dishes and hand-crafted cocktails.

Read on for 6 ways that contemporary restaurants are changing the game.

#1 Going for Curb Appeal

In the retail world, a customer will decide in seven seconds whether to purchase an item or not. The same can be said of a restaurant. To capture a potential diner’s lasting interest, you’ll want to pull them inside from the moment they lay eyes on your building. Therefore, it is incredibly important for restaurant owners to carefully consider the outer appearance of their restaurant.

While the classic hole-in-the-wall eatery can become a popular mainstay in the community, it’s best to put as much effort into your look as possible.

When designing the exterior, consider the aspects that might make a customer interested in stopping in for a bite. Be sure to consider every possible visitor, working to visualize what your potential customers see. Ensure that all signage is clear, and the premises are effectively illuminated.

#2 Taking Full Advantage of Lighting

Full Advantage of Lighting

While you aren’t likely to tear down a wall to create more windows, it is important to utilize your building’s natural light to the best of your ability.  Consider this as you work on the seating arrangement. Place the tables and chairs in a way that allows the room to get the most outside lighting. Additionally, be sure to carefully design the view outside of the windows, ensuring that customers have something pleasant to look at. Many restaurants are even using their front and back doors as an opportunity to let in fresh air and light throughout the day.

When planning for artificial lighting, consider more artsy options such as string lights, candles, tea lights, gas lamps, and more. You’ll be able to curate a distinct look with the right lighting fixtures.

#3 Giving the Entrance the “Wow” Factor

Always make it a point to think about what your customers will see as they enter your restaurant. In this Instagram-heavy world, customers tend to make every second a photo opportunity. For this reason, many innovative restaurants are choosing murals, decor walls with hanging plants, large freestanding sculptures, and the like to place at the front of their restaurant. These act as a unique way to capture a customer’s attention, as well as set your restaurant apart from competitors.

#4 Allowing Customers to be the Audience

“Theatre” is already an important part of the art of fine dining. Depending on the design of your restaurant, you may find that you can easily give diners a view of the kitchen. As your customers become the audience, the join in on the actual creation process of making the food.

If you are considering an open kitchen, installing a glass or mesh screen can add a bit of elegance and mystery to the experience. While diners will be able to get a view of the food preparation, they won’t be privy to the garbage disposal.

#5 Making Menus Actual Works of Art

A piece of art is a one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring object. It draws the viewer in, leaving them wanting more. For this reason, many restaurants are turning their menus into art. With the right design, your customized restaurant menu will express the ambience and mood you will be trying to make. As customers read through the folded leaflets, they will be enticed by the colourful pages and the unique design.

Consider hiring a professional graphic designer to handle the imagery and branding. With the right look, your restaurant will be easily recognizable, standing out among competitors. A good graphic designer or printer will help you select papers that are attractive to the eyes and touch. Quality paper, along with the right texture and colour will change the appearance of your menu.

#6 Taking Over Social Media

Taking Over Social Media

With great content and graphics, your restaurant’s profiles should easily succeed on social media. Make a distinct effort to share exciting posts, with high-resolution photos and interesting copy. Many restaurants that are enjoying their fair share of Instagram popularity tend to post high-quality images of their mouth-watering dishes.

Whether they’re traditional dishes or innovative recipes, eateries with great content are always sure to post the best-looking bites. Similarly, social media is a great way to connect with customers and future diners. Encourage people to come to visit and share their experiences by using a specific hashtag for your restaurant.

Don’t let all this artistic direction go to waste; be sure to analyse how you can use these creative tips in your own restaurant. By giving these details extra attention, you’ll be sure to pull in customers that come from the experience and stay for the great food. As you work to implement these design tips, remember to keep innovation at the forefront of your mind.

Susan, and I am a freelance writer. I've written previously on business advice, HR tips, and career consulting.