5 Effective Ways to Improve Lead Generation on Your Website

The success of your business greatly depends on your ability to bring leads over to your website, especially if you’re a female business leader running a strictly digital company. However, even though traffic is the key to more business, generally speaking, it’s important to note that not all types of traffic were created equal. Quite the contrary, your goal should be to generate quality leads on your side through qualified traffic, meaning that you are attracting the people that are already interested in what you’re selling. 

There are many ways to boost conversions and create a sustainable strategy that will allow you to steadily grow your business over time. There are a lot of online programs like the Modern Millionaires’ that they teach business owners how to generate leads. To give you an idea about how you can generate more leads for your business, follow these tips:

Leverage customer data

The business that acts of relevant consumer data will come out on top in this oversaturated online world. Now that everyone is browsing for products and services online, there is much more customer information and key industry data to collect and organize, which makes manual data analytics a time-consuming, and financially-stressful task. Nevertheless, it has to be done if you are to create actionable reports that will allow you to make better business decisions. 

What’s more, you can’t expect to turn visitors into quality leads and boost your conversion rate if don’t know exactly what your audience wants, and what your potential customers are looking to achieve. This is why you have to integrate data analytics in your process, in order to obtain the insights necessary to optimize your brand, spruce up your website, create better content, and create a narrative that will inspire people to interact with your business, and even decide to become your loyal customers. 

Get creative with your CTAs

When people land on your site, whether they find themselves on your home page, your blog page, or the product pages, you can expect them to be a bit apprehensive, a bit confused as they are trying to find their bearings, and definitely not in the mood to commit to anything. That’s why your no.1 priority is to make them feel like they are in a safe space and to make them feel like nothing is asked of them – not to sign in, not to sign up for a newsletter, and certainly not to buy a product. At least not immediately.

Your focus should be to bring value to your potential customers, to give them a solution to their problems, and then convert them using strategically-placed CTAs that bear a strong value proposition, and boast an active voice. People don’t want to click on the “read more” buttons, they want to click on the “view product details” buttons. Likewise, if you want them to sign up for your newsletter, don’t ask them to “sign up”, ask them if they want to “get amazing stories sent to their inbox”, and the like. This type of creative CTA copy will incentivize people to take the next step towards conversion.

Generate quality leads through SEO

SEO for Your Small Business

No matter how long you’ve been in the entrepreneurial game, you probably know that not every lead is equally beneficial to your marketing and sales efforts. Some leads are soft leads that probably stumbled onto your site by following an ad link, while others are true quality leads that are not only looking for the products you’re selling but are also ready to make a purchase. The latter is achieved, of course, through meticulous search engine optimization.

SEO aims to achieve many goals for your company, so it’s a complex process that many business leaders choose to outsource to a specialized white label SEO agency that can create a comprehensive SEO strategy, including backlink generation, content creation, and more. The key objective here is to rank your website as high as possible in the SERPs and position your pages in the right organic search results so that you can attract the best possible leads to your website. This is the type of visitor that will instantly form a deeper connection with your brand, and become your loyal customer while incentivizing others to check you out as well through word-of-mouth marketing.

Build social proof on your site

Potential customers can convert, or they can leave your website never to return. The thing that will draw the line between the two and decide whether a lead converts or not is social proof. Building social proof on your website is one of the most important goals every growth-oriented business should achieve because potential customers are much more likely to convert if they see that other people have already interacted with your business and that they are satisfied with your products and services.

This is why it’s important to integrate a feature-rich CRO tool into your website that will help you build social proof by notifying visitors of new purchases, and how others are interacting with your brand. Some notifications will tell them that others are buying your products, others can tell them that people are signing up for your free trial – whatever it is, this type of social proof will encourage visitors to put their trust in your brand as well.

Offer real-time customer service

The modern customer needs to have the ability to communicate with their brands in real-time. Otherwise, they will be forced to reach out to your competitors, simply because they want their questions answered immediately so that they can purchase products or services as quickly as possible. If you want to convert visitors into leads, and leads into paying customers on the spot, then you need to make yourself available non-stop via live chat. Be ready to accept all customer queries immediately, and do your best to answer as quickly as you can in order to keep them on your site and inspire them to buy.

Capitalize on the concept of reciprocity


Finally, you can always bet on the law or reciprocity. In a nutshell, this is the simple act of giving something to your customers for free (without asking them for anything in return) in order to incentivize them to come back your site and respond with a purchase. The truth is that modern customers love free stuff, so be sure to create amazing content, and offer free digital products such as eBooks in order to get on their good side and inspire them to one day soon become your loyal customers. After all, boosting conversions is not a short-time goal, rather, it’s a journey towards long-term business growth.

Wrapping up

Increasing website conversions is becoming an increasingly difficult task in the competitive online world, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some effective solutions you can try. Use these tips to transform visitors into leads easily, and improve conversions over the long term.

Sophia Smith is a lifestyle and social media blogger, and graphic and UX designer. She is an aesthete and photography lover by heart who absolutely loves everything that includes visual communication. Sophia is also very passionate about yoga and mindful living. Lately, she writes about digital marketing topics, from content to social. She has contributed to a number of publications including Women Love Tech, Leader Maker, Legal Reader, Businessing Mag, Ruby Connection, Cause Artist, and many others.