5 Common Mistakes to Completely Avoid in Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. In the 21st century, competition is at its peak. Each and every business is trying to expand and find new avenues to generate more income. With the inflation in social media platforms, Digital Marketing has become the new way to go for all businesses. Digital Marketing is using the internet and digital media to make awareness of a product or a brand.

Advertising, emails, blogs, company’s own website, as well as other partnered websites and social media, are the various techniques through which businesses are attracting new customers. Search engine and Radio advertisements also fall under the digital marketing bracket.

Simply put, digital marketing is the advertisements for products using electronic gadgets. Ironically, even flying banners on airplanes is considered digital marketing.

There is a set pattern on how to successfully do digital marketing. There are complete companies devoted to marketing corporations. Global multinational companies have a separate division whose purpose is to solely focus on digital marketing. There are a few details which each and everyone needs to follow to avoid a complete digital marketing disaster.

In this article, you will read about which mistakes to completely avoid while making a digital marketing strategy in 2019.

Not Knowing the Customer:

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool, but in the hands of a novice, even a powerful tool is only as useful as a pen in a sword fight. The first rule of business is “Learn to speak the language of the customer.” The rule is quite clear and there can be no other way to emphasize more on understanding the customers before starting to sell the product. Before digital marketing starts or even while it is going on the needs of the customer should be the prime area of focus, the team must ensure at all cost the customer is being served in the best possible way. Not knowing the customer requirements will lead to misplaced strategy and waste of resources.

Not Planning or Having a Strategy:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Each and every successful business requires planning. The digital marketing strategy needs to be carefully planned out and should have back up ideas in case somewhere along the way the strategy seems to be failing. Also, the team should develop the idea around a trending topic. This will make it easier to catch the masses’ attention and keep them involved in the process. Also, the topics which are going to be addressed through the strategy needs to be carefully thought out. Using a wrong topic to relate the product with can have a disastrous impact on the success of the product. Due to this unnecessary use of resources may be required to recover the product or in the worst case, the product may even be needed to be abandoned. Failure to plan the strategy beforehand will result in the allocation of resources at the last minute which would be like “Firing an arrow in the dark and hoping to hit the target.”

Not Collecting the Required Data:

Every planning step needs to have a set of data which is needed to be looked at before any basis or comparison can be done. Also, the person who is planning would have an idea on which area more resources need to be allocated and which type of resources. If no data is collected, any team would not have any idea on what the expected outcome should be or where to draw the line by which it can be determined if their strategy worked or not.

No Predefined Goals:

This one is no brainer. Not having a goal which is predefined would cause a false sense of success in everyone. Having no goals would mean that you cannot compare yourself with a rival or even try to compete with them. If goals are not defined, then how would someone make any strategy for a successful business? Goals also provide you with a way to look at the target audience. Without goals, there can be only one outcome for anything and that is a single word – Failure.

Not Giving the Strategy Enough Time:

“Haste makes waste”, this quote is more evident than ever in the 21st century, when everyone wants to get to their destination. Reaching there a mere 2 seconds before giving people more satisfaction than their work nowadays. This is the same as a digital marketing strategy. Once you have invested time to decide goals, plan and allocate resources, it is absolutely essential that the necessary amount of time needs to be given to the strategy to work. Too often we see that a strategy failed due to the sole reason that not enough time was given for it to succeed.


Knowing how a digital marketing strategy can fail, now you can remember what to avoid while planning for digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategy is an important method through which each and every business can gain more customers by investing in good SEO Pricing Packages. But the emphasis is on the companies to ensure that the strategy they are going to use is carefully planned and the proper amount of resources is being used in the right areas.

Digital marketing is an area where the business can have massive profits by spending very less money and only using their brains. By using the money, the system can have a huge boost.

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