8 Effective Tips that Will Protect your Email from Spam Filters

Organizations or individuals involved in email marketing campaigns usually complain about the low email deliver-ability. If you are also facing the same situation then you must be wondering why your emails are being spammed. However, there can be multiple causes of emails landing in the spam folder. Cleanliness of the email database, authentication status and knowledge of your recipients are some of the factors that affect your email stats.

Steps to make sure that your emails stay out of the spam folder:

Remember one thing that you are not alone and there are numerous ways to ensure that your emails do not get into the spam folder. Even the email marketers that are experienced and skilled can send spam emails and face delivery issues. However, by following these instructions you can easily get your emails delivered to your recipients without being troubled by these spam filters.

Create your own Email List:

The things written in the email carry great value; however, the content will not be of any significance if you have sent it to an unengaged or wrong audience. You should always avoid purchasing, renting or co-registering of email addresses from a third force. You should not indulge in sharing a common list or utilize a shared list with another firm. If you are executing email harvesting, then this will lead to the spam camp. Creating your email list organically will help you to reap the benefits in the long term. It is not the fastest or effortless method to increase your list, but it is the most productive one.

Come up with a Double Opt-in:

If you are creating a list of email addresses of your new subscribers then you should come with a method to make certain that your recipients are interested in your services and wish to get an email from your organization. The most effective method is to use a double-opt-in approach. By this method, your subscriber will receive a welcome email by you and they have to approve it by agreeing to the email before getting listed on the list of your email marketing campaign. The double opt-in approach is a stamp of approval which means they are interested in your services and emails. This method also helps to enhance the deliverability and engagement rate of your email marketing campaign.

Validate your Email with DKIM, DMARC, and SPF:

The process of email validation is a tricky task, however, verifying your email determines who you are and confirms that you are sending a rightful email. Yahoo and Google believe on validated email and they deliver mail into your inbox from verified email only. These approaches verify your email and justify to the providers of the inbox that your email has the value to be in the inbox instead of the spam folder. SPF stands for the sender policy framework. It validates you are what you are presenting by analyzing the IP of the sender with the list of IPs that are allowed to send from the specific domain. DKIM signifies that the sent email was not altered during the process of transmittal. DMARC leverages the ability of both, DKIM and SPF. DMARC needs both to succeed so that it can send and dispatch the email.

Make Sure to Clean Up your List Regularly:

There are some chances that few of your subscribers will unsubscribe you normally if they are not anymore interested in your service. However, a large number of your subscribers who are not interested in receiving your email will just ignore you rather than unsubscribing. This is clearly destructive. It is because it will diminish your engagement rate and this will make a negative impact on the ISPs. In easy words, your emails will have a greater chance to land into the spam folder. You can easily fight the low engagement rate by reducing the rate of bounced emails, removing unengaged users and identifying the non-working email addresses. Do not worry, there is plenty of mass email list cleaning tools available. So do not wait more, start cleaning your email list to enhance the deliverability rates.

Monitor your Reputation and Avoid Blacklists:

There is a reputation linked with your email domain. If you send a spam trap email or the reputation of your domain diminishes, you might locate yourself on an email blacklist. However, you can avert this risk by using the double opt-in method, removing unengaged subscribers and by utilizing address validation tools. Keeping a close watch upon the deliverability rate of your email marketing campaign will caution you with the indications that you might be on a blacklist.

Allocate a Preference Centre:

Providing a preference center to your new or existing subscribers will help them to determine the frequency of receiving the emails. This will also diminish the incidents of your subscribers labeling you as spam. It is because they have the command to choose the frequency as well as the kind of content they are going to receive. Offering a striking and effortless preference center will decrease the chances of irritation of your recipients. This will safeguard your emails from the spam folder and it will also enhance the engagement rate. There are varieties of preference center so you should come up with the easiest and helpful one.

Evaluate the Metrics of your Email Engagement:

To know the effectiveness of your email program you should regularly track the email engagement and performance metrics. But before that, it is essential to create baseline metrics. This will help you to get a proper picture of your email marketing campaign and it will guide you to make some changes if required. You can take help of spam complaints, click-through rates, and open rates metrics. If you are getting a negative trend then also you should not panic, but make sure to execute immediately. For example, if the open rates of your email campaign are falling then you should inspect the email frequency and subject lines. It is because these two elements can majorly affect this metric.

Send Valuable Content:

As we all have heard that “content is the king”. The productivity of your email marketing campaign mainly depends upon your valuable content. You should not send email merely to hit a quota! It is because if you do this then it will definitely impact your engagement rate. It will diminish the chances of your email being opened or clicked that indicates a bid possibility of getting in the spam folder.

The email marketing campaign is simple but needs perfection if you want to make it successful. Following these suggestions will enable your email program to function with its best ability. These steps will boost the email engagement rate that means your emails will reach your intended receivers without getting trapped in the spam filters. You can also use an email list validation service to keep your email database clean.

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