5 Common Mistakes in Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is one of the most popular strategies businesses use to attract their potential customers in this digital era. Today, every savvy marketer has their marketing videos and makes sure they spread them like a wildfire in their digital platforms, from websites to social media profiles.

The reason why video marketing is popular is that people love videos. On YouTube alone, almost 5 billion hours of video are watched on the platform every single day. I know. Crazy, right?

That is why marketers out there do not want to miss such a huge opportunity to reach out to a broader audience and boost their online presence using video marketing strategies.

But, just like any other marketing strategy, video marketing needs to be properly prepared and planned. A poorly planned video marketing can be more hindering to your business rather than profiting.

To make sure that you are doing your video marketing strategy correctly, let’s start with identifying some common video marketing mistakes many marketers (even the pro ones) make:

#1. Making the Video Too Long

No one ever wants to watch a video talking about a brand for ten minutes. That is why you need to make your video concise and straightforward. Avoid any fluff because no one needs that.

Remember, human attention span is only getting shorter and shorter, so you better go straight to the point and communicate your core message right off the bat. It is always better to start strong with your intro to capture the attention faster.

The ideal duration for marketing videos is two minutes. After the two-minute mark, the viewer will tend to get distracted and can not retain your message effectively.

#2. Not Knowing What to Expect

Many marketers have not even defined their goals when creating marketing videos. Some of them just create videos for the sake of doing it. They do not know what to expect from the campaign. 

Having such clear video marketing goals is crucial before you start the campaign. It helps you keep on track and measure the performance of the video seamlessly. 

You will also understand what metrics you should pay attention to so that you can ensure that your videos are helping you achieve your overall marketing objectives.

#3. Ignoring Video SEO

Videos are well-known for their capability in helping your website get a higher rank on Google search engine result page (SERPs). Yes. They can help you sit on the front page of SERPs, making it much easier for your potential customers to find you.

But, it will only happen when you optimize it.

You need to spend a little bit more time and effort optimizing your videos to make them more SEO-friendly. Here is a quick guide to video SEO:

  • Use keyword-based titles and descriptions
  • Add transcripts or closed captions (CC)
  • Design eye-catching thumbnails
  • Add hashtags

#4. Being Inconsistent

It takes time and patience to see the visible and long-term result of your video marketing campaign. Overall, there is no such thing as an overnight success in this field. This is why you need to be consistent about your video production.

Many marketers stop their video marketing campaign too soon after they think that it is not giving them the result they want. And that is where they make a mistake.

Consistency is key in video marketing campaigns. Make sure you create and upload videos regularly to engage your audience from time to time. By being consistent, you can also compare your latest video performance from the previous ones and get valuable insights from it.

#5. Creating All Videos with Scrappy Production

Getting scrappy with your marketing videos is not such a problem, indeed. After all, now you can create videos simply using your smartphone, right?

But, the problem is where you only rely on those taken-from-smartphone-camera videos. You need to at least create one professional and well-crafted marketing video to show your potential customers your professionalism as a business. Professional-looking videos are also effective for creating a positive impression on your potential customers.

Therefore, you might consider working with professional video companies to help you take care of the video production from scratch.

#6. Getting Too Serious

One of the greatest things about marketing videos is that you can tell stories to your audiences using the tone and language that match their preferences. But, some marketers still use a way-too-professional tone on their videos to talk to their target customers.

Getting too serious in your videos just makes you sound like a robot. It might also make it much harder for your potential customers to retain the message you try to deliver.

It is always better to get a little bit casual and friendly with your potential customers. It helps them to feel comfortable and get closer to your brand hassle-free. You can also have a slice of humor to create a top-in-mind awareness.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other marketing strategy, video marketing is not simple. To make sure your videos bring you the results you want, they need to be so much more than being created and uploaded to the internet. 

With those six common video marketing mistakes, you now understand what things you need to avoid in your next video marketing campaigns. Best of luck!

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).