10 Important Tips To Develop Your Digital Strategy

To build your digital strategy and ensure that it meets all your goals, I suggest 10 elements to enter your thinking. This will allow you to not forget anything!

1. Conduct market intelligence and competitive

To begin, it is necessary to perform monitoring work in your market for trends and see where your customers are located. The day is also an opportunity to spy on your competitors and know the broad outlines of their digital strategy to inspire yours or make difference. It also allows you to find inspiration for creating contents.

When you set up your digital marketing, the day will be used to your duration. In other words, it will give you content to broadcast on social networks.

2. Put the consumer at the center of your digital strategy

The consumer is at the center of your digital strategy ! That’s who you want to reach with your marketing campaigns. We must show empathy to find a line of communication that is likely to have an impact and stimulate the action. Reflect on your personas buyers also helps you determine the platforms on which you must provide: social networks, forums, blogs, etc.

3. Taking into account the growth in mobility

Mobile marketing is a important aspect of marketing now, which can’t be ignored. Some reason to tale account the growth of mobility is- Instagram Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Payments, Mobile eCommerce Apps, etc.

You must register your digital marketing strategy in a logic of mobility, with a responsive website, publications adapted to these materials and why not, a mobile application.

4. Optimize your SEO, organic and paid

For your internet presence to be effective, it is necessary that people can find you! Logical, is not it? Your digital strategy must rely on SEO to drive qualified traffic to your website and generate conversions. Your site needs to have an architecture fully understood by search engines and quality content regularly updated, which will be present in your keywords. Moreover, you will also have to use paid broadcast output as re-targeting activities Google Adwords display … The best way to know if it works for you is to test and measure the corresponding ROI!

5. Create and share content

Without content marketing, you can not do much on the web! It is the central pillar of any digital strategy respectable. It will serve you in many aspects of your marketing: to build the website to manage your online reputation, for the animation of a blog , for broadcast on social networks , for SEO to your email campaigns, etc.

It must be perfectly designed to appeal to your readers, like the robots of search engines. It is necessary that your articles are fun to read, high value, and they have a potential for dissemination to ensure subtly promoting your benefits.

6. Hold a professional blog or website

Keep a professional blog in parallel to its website is a great way to communicate with consumers. It can provide additional information about your products and services to convert prospects. It is also an asset for SEO as it allows to constantly have new optimized content. It helps to increase awareness and visibility with the ability to share articles on social networks. The blog is the perfect tool to syndicate your content and improve your SEO! Thinking that you have to take is how to coexist your sites and your blog, remembering to not scatter yourself and focus on the long term.

7. Manage your presence on social networks

Precisely, social networks, let’s talk! A digital strategy needs to have a branch social media to broadcast content, share his sleep, converse with customers and increase brand awareness. By properly choosing social networks, this may increase visibility to a targeted audience and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

8. Use email marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation

Emailing, specifically the newsletter, supports your digital strategy by offering your potential customers to track real-time communication of your brand. It is also a tool to retain your customers and offer personalized offers. It is an essential element of your Digital Marketing Strategy, which may support your campaigns Inbound Marketing and increase your conversion rate. With software like HubSpot, you can specifically address your users based on the actions they have performed for making evolve progressiveness stage of mere contact with that client.  to you ask your workflows and create your user journey.

9. Manage the online reputation

When your digital strategy is in place, it is important to monitor your online reputation. Indeed, the digital word-of-mouth can be as beneficial as destructive. Customers like to research companies before you contact them. They must find out you only positive reviews and elements that prove your professionalism. If your social networks and blog are good tools to manage your image, do not forget to monitor consumer reviews on specialized sites or forums. In case of dissatisfaction or comment from a customer, you have to show responsiveness to prevent chain reactions that often cause a bad buzz .

10. Analyze: the analytics and monitoring

The last key point of your digital strategy lies in analyzing the impact of your communication . Know exactly where you are in your SEO, know the contents that work, analyzing the social networks that have the most impact, all this allows you to constantly refine the strategy to make it even more effective in your traffic generation. With HubSpot and Marketo, you can also see in real time what channel brings you provide leads, customers and you can also put it next to the effort.

A digital strategy is a set of components that work together. It is necessary to be aware of his target and expectations first, then build its communication around relevant content that meet different objectives: prospecting, online reputation management, valuation services, customer loyalty this is reflecting globally and finding how to activate each lever that you will benefit from your presence.

This Article is Written by Aashish Sharma is an Internet Research Analyst and an aspiring social media marketer. He possesses hands-on experience in optimizing and promoting websites on leading search engines and web media. His passion is to keep updated with what masters of the internet such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook etc. are up to to innovate & deliver. At EntrepreneurYork, he aims to be a part of most active online community and most widely-read blogs on the web, covering the insights of becoming an entrepreneur that will help in preparing the leaders of tomorrow.