Xbox 2 Specs: The Console Could Look Radically Different

Ever since Microsoft announced its Project Scorpio, people had hoped it would be Xbox 2, but finally, when the console was released, it was named as Xbox One X, which goes to say it wasn’t Xbox 2, therefore, the launch of the console is up for discussion. Right now, the Xbox 2 specs are more like speculated wishlist which, none-the-less is very exciting.


Here are some of the prospective Xbox 2 specs that may make the final cut and appear in the console when it rolls out in the coming years. One of the things that we are most looking forward to is that radical change in the design of the upcoming console. The piece of equipment is supposed to be slimmer, radically different looking with big changes in the design. It will be portable and lighter, with a more tech-savvy look. The Xbox 2 isn’t going to look so boxy and will appear trendy and futuristic. Another big feature the console will supposedly incorporate includes a 4K resolution which sounds incredible, to say the least. The 4K resolution being the daddy of all resolutions, this is something that we look forward to in the next gaming console from Microsoft.

Scaling up its video quality will indeed be a good idea, and VR compatibility will, in fact, be a better idea. The VR tech took some really giant leaps in the year 2016, so much so that 2016 is today called the year of virtual reality. Of recent Sony launched its very own virtual reality headset called the PSVR which was cheaper than most top notch VR headsets available in the market and has become quite a hit too. Therefore VR compatibility is a must when it comes to features of Xbox 2.

Another spec that the console will most likely tackle is backward compatibility. There are reports that the console will support Xbox 360 backward compatibility. The new Xbox One X sports backward compatibility and the Xbox 2 too are expected to arrive with backward compatibility. Apparently, the console is going to arrive with big storage of some 8 GB of RAM and also an increasingly large of internal memory which is very exciting to think of. There are even reports that one of the most impressive specifications of Xbox 2 will be 16 GB RAM. This is twice the size of what we mentioned earlier. But until the release of Xbox 2, it’s hard to tell what to believe in.

Speaking of when the Xbox 2 will be launching, based on the launch pattern of Xbox consoles over the years we have strong belief that the Xbox 2 will roll out in 2020, but there are fans who are counting on a 2019 release date. We predicted the release date and in the same manner, we have come to a conclusion with regards to the Xbox 2 price. The last Xbox One X console comes with a price tag of $500, and we believe the Xbox 2 will cost something around $599.

Wrap Up

Fans certainly are extremely excited about the Xbox 2 specs, but it’s worth remembering that these are more of a wishlist that has a good chance of turning out to be true. But until and unless that happens, you need to take this with a pinch of salt.

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