Interesting Features of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) – Cloud Token ICO Launched

Cloud token ICO – An ICO or Initial Coin Offering provides among the numerous techniques utilized in crowdfunding, the latest cryptocurrency release. Prior to the cryptocurrency launch, the latest cryptocurrency tokens are traded to collect money for the technical advancement of the latest cryptocurrency.


Another idea exists known as IPO (Initial public offering). This is carried out under regulation of the government. In regard to ICO, there is no government regulation and ownership does not take place when sold tokens are acquired.

In 2013, the initial ICO was created. Due to the current circumstances where many new cryptocurrencies are released, ICOs are becoming extremely famous. Through ICO, Ethereum released a coin in 2014.

Many websites are present, which presently monitor the ICOs. As of now, 20 offerings occur in one month for new crypto coins release.

Advantages of Participating in ICO

A lot of potential benefits exist in participating in an ICO. When you are assisting a firm to launch its product, this becomes simple since there is the possibility of obtaining cash by trading the tokens you have bought already.

It is very similar to Kickstarter, where individuals finance or back projects which they are interested in. Other methods also exist to generate profits from ICO financing. During the first funding, the tokens are traded at a fixed cost in denominations of flat money or bit coins. After the product becomes completely successful however, the supporters are able to send their tokens for an extremely huge quantity of cash.

How ICO differs from IPO

Initial Coin Offerings and Initial Public Offerings present a lot of similarities. One difference is that in the course of an IPO, the shares of a firm that are released signify a share of possession in that specific firm.

But, this does not occur in ICO; here, tokens are traded to the public. Another main disparity is that there is high regulation in IPOs by the state. Due to this, a partaking firm is needed to arrange huge quantities of work prior to releasing its shares.  Serious repercussions exist where non-compliance occurs. ICO however, is a new scheme that is not subject to government regulation.

ICOs Can be utilized for a huge variety of applications

ICOs applications are determined by projects where they are utilized. They might also have extra features. The Cloud token ICO is one good illustration. This presents tokens or crypto coins which Cloud With Me has released while conducting its current ongoing ICO.

This is a cloud storage space that is decentralized. After the release of its key product, users managed to use CloudWithMe in this storage space. They can be utilized for trade, similar to other crypto coins.

Illustrations of flourishing ICOs

In 2013, the initial project ICO was utilized as a Mastercoin tool for crowd funding. They were able to gain Bitcoins valued at $5 million by trading in their individual tokens. A lot of other firms adhered to this tendency, for instance Waves in 2016 or Ethereum in 2014. Ethereum raised nearly $18 million while Waves raised almost $16 million.

ICO presents a great method of launching a project.

Platforms for offering ICOs Details

A lot of platforms are present which are committed to making it   very simple to create and join ICOs. These platforms are inclusive of ICONOMI, Waves and TokenMarket. A lot Blockchain projects have been starting their ICOs on their personal websites.

This does not provide much efficiency as launching specifics regarding the campaign on your individual page shall not assist you to obtain maximum views. So, people began creating platforms that would provide ICO details from varied firms.

One platform like this is Kickstarter, non-crypto ICOs.  For ICOs that are based on token, examples are ICONOMI and Waves, as well as State of Dapps (based on Ethereum).

Risk appetite

When the growth of startups that are funded by ICO is considered, one can see that a lot of them are still being built. Some might become companies that are very successful while others might be unsuccessful. Its development takes time. This is made more difficult since it is not easy to differentiate between the real projects and the fraudulent ones.

Due to this, experts in the industry are adamant that contributors should thoroughly conduct checks prior to investing and they need to be very familiar with founders of the project as well as its prospects for development.

No regulations and rules are involved

The government does not actually implement guarantees for ICOs. Due to this, a lot of fraudulent things occurred in the sector. To limit all these and offer protection to investors firms have personally began to implement a lot of restrictions.

Some restrictions, which are self-imposed, are:

  • Firstly, keeping each community’s contributions in escrow wallets where private keys are required for access.
  • Implementing a legal document for the firm and creating a number of terms and conditions for the ICO.

How to detect a fake ICO

Numerous indications are found, to recognize a fraudulent ICO. Some developers will be unidentified and will not have an escrow wallet. Their goals will be unclear and unrealizable. The community of cryptocurrency has previously had to deal with a lot of scam ICO campaigns.

Some standard indications or warnings that indicate a firm carrying out ICO is fraudulent are unrealistic objectives, unidentified developers, and absence of transparency as well as absence of escrow wallet.

Website List with ICO features

A lot of websites are present which offer details about launching ICOs as well as about the ICO campaigns that are happening presently. These are useful to the startups and investors also. Some illustrations are Bitcoin Talk Forum, Ambisafe, Cyber Fund, COinschedule, ICOO, ICO rating, etc.

It has a lot of possibility for growth

Although it does not have government regulation, ICO has huge development possibility in future years. In similar manner as when introduction of Internet happened, back then we were not aware that the current IT industry giants would flourish this much. ICOs, together with the assistance of crypto tokens present great possibility in turning into the most ideal crowdfunding method in the sector.

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