Wield the Power of SMS To Drive Business Growth!

SMS is not just for personal messages anymore. You can use the power of SMS to drive business growth as well. Statistics reveal there are around 8 trillion SMS messages annually. They can be dissected to approximately 23 billion messages daily or approximately 16 million messages, every minute across the world. SMS made its first appearance in the 90’s, and since then, it has evolved in a significant way!

In 2017, the messaging traffic touched a figure of approximately 2.2 trillion. There is a common misconception that the popularity of SMS is diminishing however market analysts say this is not true. The reason being that SMS has the ability to go across to any device or network. Any messaging device has not attained this in the past even till this date. Therefore, SMS is a powerful tool not only for personal use but businesses as well!

How does SMS help businesses to drive growth?

With the aid of SMS, both small and large- scale businesses can reach out to the consumer better. It can be used for connecting, and relationship building before and after the sale is made. The advent of smartphones has made SMS more popular. If you examine the business world today, they are moving ahead with responsive designs.

They love to keep their customers engaged with customers with surveys, feedback, reward points, coupons, deals, and discounts. In fact, SMS allows businesses to send best wishes and greetings on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In short, SMS helps the business to establish their bonds with the customer.

The importance of customer relationship in business growth

When it comes to business, growth every company needs to get the competitive edge in the market. It is here that SMS helps them to render a personal touch to their customer. The customer emotionally becomes loyal with the business brand if the latter is in touch with SMS. Introducing the customer to new offers, deals, and discounts even after the sale is done invokes trust and credibility in the brand.

The levels of customer satisfaction also increase, and commitment is intensified. The customer with the passage of time becomes the brand ambassador for the company and spreads advertising via word of mouth.

SMS makes marketing of the business personalized

SMS makes your business marketing personal. You can improve customer experience with its use. At the same time, with SMS you may conduct surveys and capture valuable customer feedback, improve sales, serve customers better, promote your products, etc.

Research data has also proved that many retailers in the global market use SMS as an integral part of their marketing strategy. This has helped them to develop and grow business operations. Esteemed companies in the field of SMS marketing like SimpleTexting state that online entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of the importance of SMS mobile marketing campaigns. Their numbers are gradually increasing as they have attained desirable results when it comes to customer experience, lead conversions and sales.

Reasons why SMS is becoming so popular for business growth today

Top business brands state that investing in SMS marketing campaigns make sense primarily because an SMS is generally read within the first 3 minutes of receipt. There have been cases where leading brands have invested about 70% of their mobile marketing budget on SMS marketing. However, here the business must make sure that the messages sent to the consumer should not be spam.

Here, they have to take great care when it comes to creating the message. The message has to be drafted in such a way that it is personal and unique. The SMS needs to be delivered to the consumer at the right time. The message must engage the consumer and compel him or her to carry out the desired action. Every SMS that is sent to the consumer has a purpose. In short, the objective of the message delivered is to channelize sales.

The importance of mobile marketing strategies for SMS

Every business needs to work on mobile marketing strategies for SMS. These strategies should be attuned to the company goals. It needs some effort as the brand has to understand the tastes and the preferences of the consumer. When surveys are conducted, business houses need to focus on both the rural and the urban customers.

Their purchasing habits, their buying patterns, preferences, etc. When it comes to SMS marketing campaigns, the business needs to be aware of the latest technologies and innovations as well. This knowledge will help them improve their strategies and achieve the desired results.

The SMS mobile marketing campaign needs to be released at the right time with the offer or the deal. Experts say that offers and deals that have an expiry date trigger a maximum response from consumers when it comes to desired actions.

If you are new to the concept of SMS mobile marketing, it is prudent to consult experts in the field so that you gain knowledge and idea. This largely helps you to understand how SMS mobile marketing works. At the same time, they will also guide you on how to measure the performance of your mobile marketing campaigns with the help of Google Analytics.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that SMS is here to stay and is one of the most persuasive channels when it comes to mobile marketing. The best part of SMS mobile marketing is that it effectively can be used by any business in every industry niche. As mentioned above, the draft should be compelling. In short, the message short and sweet. The message should in its limits of 160 characters invoke the desired action in the consumer once read.

If you are a business brand and have not focused on the power of SMS marketing for your company, it is high time to go for it today. It not only reaches out to your targeted audience but it also can trigger sales and growth of your business products and services with success!

Lucy Jones is a business associate at Flosum.com and has created this content minutely for the readers around the world to make them aware of the ways Salesforce CRM has helped to grow their business. She also, works for americantechpros.com and has been involved in all cloud-based based projects in the city.