Top 7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a MUST for the Growth of your Business

The invention of smart technology has streamlined many aspects of human life. No one breaks their back over bulky desktop computers enmeshed with copper wires anymore. Smartphones have taken over and enabled people to tap into the unfathomably vast virtual world. This world is all about hyper-connectivity where relationships are formed between online profiles. Wars are conducted with hashtags and wily tweets.

Knowledge is spread via memes and Tumblr threads. Popularity is acquired with ‘likes’ and ‘followers.’ Shopping is done within a few clicks and dispatches. In short, today’s generation is more digitally engaged than ever before.

You as a business owner need to take this behaviour into consideration. After all, it’s the consumers who decide the fate of any venture. And when consumers become digitally hooked, so should you. Throw off your traditional modalities, which have become outdated in the face of the present commercial advancements, and frankly, are a waste of time, energy, and resources.

Inculcate the latest digital-based models in your startup’s strategy and see where your business goes from there. Digital marketing is the word of the day. It means reaching out to a worldwide audience, connecting with them on an extra-physical level and promoting one’s brand(s) over the multifarious digital channels.

Don’t miss out on the numerous advantages of going digital, which will make you stand out from your competitors and let you expand your business and find a flexible yet stable ground in this fast-paced world. The following reasons should convince you why you absolutely need to incorporate digital marketing into your business’s set up to grow and even survive the harsh commercial climate.

Fair Share:

In the past, if you had come up with an incredible business start-up idea, you’d have to put it aside given the unavailability of the resources which only the largest corporations had had. Now, however, basic resources have seemed to have lost their exclusive status. With the virtual shift, they have become easier to access for everyone.

If, for instance, a small business owner from Iowa wants to set up some sort of a system of the client connection, then they wouldn’t have to spend money on thousands of landlines for a call centre. Instead, a stable mediacom internet connection will provide the same functional utility in the form of VoIP.

Digital marketing, thus, gives equal opportunity to all sorts of entrepreneurs, those already in the market and those contemplating start-ups, to begin from the same starting line and gives them a fair chance.

Profile Popularity:

There are certain businesses which are haphazard and don’t have a clear strategy. Such ventures die an early death in obscurity. Nobody comes to their funeral because nobody knows about them. Digital marketing gives commercial startups a face, a profile, a name in the online sphere, which the users can know about and come to check out.

There are thousands of brands with their own respective logos and landing pages on social media which get sufficient daily traffic. You might not get this much exposure if you tread in a traditional way. And exposure is very important, more exposure means more visits. And more visits mean more chances of sales. More sales equal more profits.

Better Outreach:

How many channels can you target if you go with the old-school marketing methodologies? TV, radio, newspaper? All those things which are not trending up these days. Digital marketing allows you to tap into the interests of the current generation, which is all about smartphones, internet, laptops, etc. Yes, proceeding digitally, you can catch the attention of the tech-oriented individual whose eyes are glued to the mobile screen.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 90% of the businesses tend to strategize their content around social media, going for Facebook 84% of the time, for Twitter 87% of the time, and for YouTube 74% of the time. In short, with digital marketing, you’ll get a better consumer outreach and be able to target the perfect sort of audience which comes under your niche’s banner.

Consumer Bond:

The link between buyers and sellers is no longer formal and impersonal. It has become quite intimate. How? Online users who visit a virtual marketplace are literally faced with thousands of possibilities in the form of millions of business ventures. Making a choice is not easy. They select only the brands which come with a relatable, humanizing and a personalized backstory.

The brands which cater to their customers by giving instant assistance twenty-four seven. The brands which clearly, concisely and gently lead the user through the conversion process with a smart Call-to-Action. The brands which offer free shipping and remarkable discounts as gifts to their clients.

Such are the brands which online users with credibility have come to trust. This is how digital marketing closes the gap between producers and consumers and lead to a more enthusiastic interaction between them.

Speedy Conversion:

Imagine there’s a grand clothing store on the street corner. All throughout the day, you see this salesman trying to beckon the passersby to come and take a look inside. Giving them persuasive arguments as to why they should buy this particular piece of fine clothing and whatnot. Still, the overall sales are far less than those of a small startup, run by a single mother entrepreneur, based in the apartment next to the shop. How so?

Well, the woman makes use of digital marketing to generate leads and thus has a quicker consumer-to-customer conversion rate. After analyzing the current smartphone-addicted consumer behaviour, she posts eye-catching videos and images on social media and blogs regularly in order to entertain and retain the traffic flow.

Giving them exactly what they want. She even creates a personalized link with them. Telling her story and making friends worldwide. Consequently, she gets a higher conversion rate and higher profits than a shop using only formal traditional modalities.


Do you realize how many monetary resources are wasted on advertising through bulletin boards, TV, and radio? It’s the sort of an expenditure which small business owners cannot even think to bear because it threatens to put their entire budget in turmoil.

Digital marketing removes these costly hurdles by enabling brand promotion over the relatively cheaper internet channels, like email, social media, search engine optimization, podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. Not only are these promotional means cheap, but they generate better leads as well, according to the latest stats. Around 40% of the current business setups have reported an incredible cost-saving swing in their charts after the adoption of digital marketing. Cost-effectiveness is the goal indeed.

Progressive Sync:

The world never stops at a standstill. It keeps on moving and progressing. New versions of technology render the old ones extinct. That is why you as a business owner need to keep pace with the latest tech advancements, modify your strategy accordingly and step along with the fast-paced times.

If the digital transition is the present mode, then what’s the future of business? Integration of the IoTs. Yes, the ‘internet of things’ is a system of automated devices which function wirelessly and smartly in making human life more convenient. Digital marketing prepares you to survive in a future that is oriented by these devices.

So, do you see now why digital marketing is super necessary for your business?

Nathan John is a dedicated writer at at&t bundles, whose primary interests includes: marketing, and tech topics. He has been known to offer insightful and well-researched articles with reference to ongoing tech trends and available services.