Why React Native Is The Best Choice For Mobile App Development

Well, it can be said that over a decade, the mobile app industry has indubitably swelled faster and the businesses are offering diverse app development solutions to their clients worldwide. An app with outstanding User Experience (UX) or an app with proper User Interface (UI) or building apps that are compatible with the maximum number of platforms & are faster to develop in the first place is probably what the list of a perfect application contains.

Keeping all the facts and figures in the head, we have got the exact answer to this new technology demand and that is- React Native. To a surprise, the term “React Native” was searched more than iOS development and Android Development on the internet and this clearly signifies that the aforementioned platform has a lot to offer to the developers.

React Native framework is a predominant mounting mobile solution that has the potential of building high-performance future proof native mobile apps in accordance with the business demands. Following the approach, React Native can be used for creating separate apps for both iOS as well as Android.

There are, of course, a handful of frameworks out there that allow the developers to build cross-platform applications but what makes React Native so special is its features such as:

  • Single Codebase
  • Reusable Component
  • Zero Rewriting
  • Improved Code Quality
  • Native Feel
  • Library Support
  • Less Development Cost
  • Multi-platform Support

Moreover, React Native is an open-source framework and the native version of javascript with its great popularity backed by Facebook. This Mobile app development platform allows the developers to build production-ready mobile apps.

React-Native App Development

Some of the features that make React Native the best option for Mobile App Development

Code Reusability Enhancement

Codes are just needed to be written once and that can be successfully used for different platforms. With shortcodes and low cost, this allows the developers to single out the bugs and faults easily. Also, the fewer code lines help in reducing the testing time, which further allows you to deliver the apps faster.

Shorter Development Cycle

Widely reckoned as the best open source project, React Native has several components and modules available for the developers that speed up the development process by 30%. With the best development tools such as redux- the state management tool, hygiene- the code generator framework among others help in reducing the developing time drastically.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Majority of React Native APIs are hybrid- this means that the applications can work both on iOS as well as Android. This will facilitate platform specific file extensions and opts for the correct file depending upon the type of Operating System running in the app.

Third Party Plugin

The React Native library helps in making use of the third-party plugins which, therefore, make it simpler to inculcate hardware or device in-built elements such as Bluetooth and GPS in the applications.

Well, with the prime benefits and the best features coming together into low cost, easier upkeep, and faster app performance are what transfiguring to larger profits to companies and extended benefits to the customers. Moreover, if React Native is already the framework you are determined for, let us know.

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