Why Need for Antivirus for Android?

The android operating system is very open. To make it more vulnerable numerous apps in the Play store easily targets the android for malware. When apps are downloaded and installed from the store, there are many chances for attacks. Through this article know the importance of using the best free antivirus for android. Again there are many antivirus apps. Now it is our part to choose the best and reputed brand.

An antivirus app works the same on how it works on your computers. You can download and install it in the Android operating system. There are options to schedule automatic scans. The traditional manual scan can also be done then and there. They will update the definition of the virus automatically. Do not think, that these will give the annoying pop-ups. There are provisions through which you can change the settings and update whether to be informed or not. 

The Top Reasons

Major Market Share

Everybody knows that Android has the major market share in the mobile industry and has made it the biggest target for malware.

Open Platform

Google’s Android is an open platform and it obvious to know the consequences.


All the android users store their information on their android devices. The number of android users is increasing day by day. This huge availability of information makes it a big target again. The users of android have stored personal, financial and sensitive information. So it is very important to have the best antivirus for android.

Off store sources

When you use android you normally download apps from the play store. But when you download apps from other stores, you increase the amount of threat to be caused. The threats include hackers and malware programs.

Benefits of Downloading and Installing an Android Antivirus App

Other than protecting your device and the data in your android phone, an antivirus app can do many other favors. They are listed below.

  • It is capable of scanning all the app, files, setting and games in real-time.
  • It will not allow any of the applications to run in the background. So it will help in increasing the speed of the mobile.
  • It will lock and make secure all the sensitive information on the phone. It especially locks the banking apps
  • It will locate your phone when it is lost.
  • It will optimize the overall usage of your mobile by tracking the data pack and usage, monitoring the phone battery and many others.
  • It also creates a vault that is highly encrypted to save all your private photos.
  • It will scan the WIFI network and deal with issues like weak passwords, encryption problems, and many other potential threats.

Thus, the best antivirus for android keeps your mobile device safe and secure. It saves the operating system of the device from malware threats and other attacks from hackers. It takes care of the entire device by monitoring and scanning other apps. Many apps are floating in the stores to steal all the information away, so having antivirus in the device has become a compulsion. Do consider having one in your device.

Deepti Agarwal is a content writer who has a great experience in the field and loves to write interesting articles and blogs, helping businesses in understanding these processes better and making the right decisions when it comes to online marketing.