Understanding Why Businesses Need Managed Email Hosting Services

As an owner of any business, it is inevitably important for you to depict a positive image of your business brand. Your customers and clients evaluate a number of factors when they look to make businesses from your company. One of the basic elements could be the business mail that your clients and businesses get.

If your mails are flagged as spam at the receiver’s end, then it doesn’t clearly give a clear image of your products or services. In this competitive and changing environment, it is important for you to set a professional image in front of your customers and even your competitors.

Having managed email hosting from a reputed hosting provider can be a great way for depicting your business.

So, before we move to the benefits that managed email hosting has for business, let’s understand what exactly is an email hosting service-

Email Hosting

Email hosting is a web hosting service that rents out and operates the mail servers. Email hosting services comprise of premium services and are different from the typical free mail offering sites. These mail hosting providers cater to the demanding users comprising of high-mail traffic, SMBs that need a domain name for distinguishing themselves in their business arena. Email hosting is not something new and you must have understood what exactly is meant by email hosting.

Backup G Suite Email Data

So, now here I present you the following benefits that email hosting can have on your business-

Extensive Support

When you have a hosted email service, you don’t need to wait for long durations to get your issues resolved. A managed service provider ensures that any issue related to email service is resolved quickly with higher efficiency in case a problem arises. You’re well aware the email has always been a reliable method of communication to take place between you, your staff and your clients.

Scalable Services and Ease of Use

Your email hosting service needs to be capable enough of growing with your business. Your mail hosting service needs to be highly flexible and scalable for meeting the needs of your business. Advanced email platforms offer you with-

  • large mailboxes
  • handling a large number of mailboxes
  • capable to add new members of staff in real short time

Protection Against Spam and Virus

laptop Virus

There can be times when the Internet could become an insecure platform backed by hackers, causing a lot of concern to businesses through insecure servers. Thus, you need to have an email hosting provider that is going to secure services and remain free from intrusion that might be carried out by spam emails and viruses.

Enhanced Performance

When email hosting services are used, it ensures that your company’s productivity remains top-notched as you’re able to communicate with your stakeholders like- suppliers, customers and employees within the organization. There a lot of ways in which you can have a mail communication within your organization and provide solution that runs over email servers.

When you own a domain name and looking to have mail services for that domain name, it is assumed that you’ll sign up for email hosting services. It is an internet hosting service that can lease out mail servers and run on the mail servers. They are professional and premium services and differ in many ways as compared to the free email hosting sites.

Hacking and Protection Against Data Breaches

Efficiency of your Cyber Security

A managed email hosting provider usually is enabled with additional measures for protecting the emails from a wide array of cyberattacks like- hacking, phishing, etc.

A well-maintained email service that has been set up and maintained by professional features security ensures that all your email data is safe. Managed email services are backed by value-added services like a data backup and recovery solution.

By having regular offsite backups can protect the company from a disaster like data loss in events of accidental and intentional file erase and deletion of mails. Another benefit you get is that by deploying protection against phishing, you can keep your business secured from all kinds of accidents, hackers and ransomware.

Low Management Costs

In a managed email hosting service, the total cost of ownership is always less as compared to in-house email service. Firstly, in case of a managed hosting the service providers have the access to all the needed software licenses and subscription fees on the complete price as they have a number of email accounts that they are managing. With a managed hosting service provider in place, you can save a lot of crucial time of your staff. The email service provider is responsible for taking care of the initial setup, email migrations, troubleshooting along with service requests.

To conclude, managed email hosting services are far more secure, operated on low-cost and a business-class alternate to the email services that are being offered by the free mail providers, domain name registrars or even in-house managed mail servers.

Rishabh Sinha is a passionate content specialist with more than 4 years of experience. In his career as of now, he has played a pivotal role in creating various forms of content for industries he has worked in.