Why Flutter is Considered as a Remarkable Framework?

In just a short span of time, cross-platform mobile app development has taken over a significant portion of the mobile application industry. As an app development platform, cross-platform is quite popular in the market, this has also increased the demand for cross-platform mobile app developers. 

In addition to this, there is a wide range of tools as well as software available in the market to achieve the desired output. Some of the most known examples of such cross-platform application development tools are Xamarin (Microsoft), React Native (Facebook), PhoneGap (Adobe) and many more. 

This is the part where flutter comes into play to take the whole cross-platform app development experience to another level. Recently, we can see a lot of flutter mobile application development taking over the international market in different domains, for instance, retail, finance, transportation, banking, etc. 

Now, it’s time to dive deep and take a look at what exactly is flutter technology and what makes it so special in the field of mobile app development. 

Defining Flutter

Flutter can be basically defined as a mobile application SDK (Software Development Kit) that was designed and developed by the tech giant Google itself. The primary reason to build flutter was for developing mobile apps for major platforms and operating systems like Android and iOS. 

The flutter framework also comes with a full-packed set of application development tools along with various widgets to provide mobile app developers the ease of using this emerging technology. 

Below are some of the most fascinating facts related to flutter app development: 

  • Flutter is an open source platform that is free to use.
  • This framework consists of rich UI (User Interface) elements that are platform specific in nature. 
  • The primary competitor of Google’s Flutter is React Native that is backed up by Facebook. 
  • Flutter is mainly based on the programming language, Dart, which is also built by Google itself. 
  • The widgets provided by flutter to the developers are highly customizable, robust and fast. 
  • The framework of flutter is entirely based on reactive programming. 

What is The Use of Dart in Flutter?

As mentioned above, Dart is the programming language that is used in flutter for the purpose of mobile application development on various platforms including iOS and Android. Google basically introduced Dart as an object-oriented programming language for building fast applications on platforms.

The Flutter framework engages reactive views  and these views mostly tend to refresh the entire view for every new frame that is being created. This further creates objects that mainly exist for only a single frame. Apart from this, the programming language Dart uses the method of generational garbage collection which is preferred by app developers in such an environment. 

There are more reasons why Dart is being preferred, for instance, this programming language avoids junk as well as stutter scenarios by allocating objects with a single pointer so that locks are not involved in the process. 

At present, flutter mobile app developers have the option to deploy an entire array of widgets in the library, these widgets are responsible for assisting in designing applications that are multi-dimensional. 

What Makes Flutter So Special?

Although Flutter framework has been in the market for a short span of time, it has still managed to rank among some of the leading application development frameworks in the international market. In other words, we can say that it offers various functionalities that are not available in a single app development framework at once. 

Here are some of the key features that make flutter stand out from the other mobile app development frameworks: 

  • There’s no JavaScript bridge in the flutter framework, it also provides the advantages of reactive views.
  • The code in Flutter is compiled from AOT to native code, due to this the overall process is fast and smooth while increasing the predictability factor as well. 
  • Here the app developer is offered full control of all the widgets as well as the entire layout.
  • In comparison to other frameworks, the widgets in flutter are highly customizable.

So, these were the points that make flutter technology special when compared to other existing frameworks in the market. Here, you also have the option to get professional help for your flutter project i.e. hire a leading flutter app development company that can turn your vision into a real-life application.

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