White Label PPC Experts Know How Google Determines Which Ads to Serve

Serving the correct Ads to the correct people is necessary, as it determines the growth of your venture. When you are surfing the internet using the services of Google, you do encounter numerous attractive campaigns. It might appear to you that these Ads exist randomly, but behind it plays a very calculative method.

Therefore, if you are eager to incorporate such Ads, then you can outsource the service to a professional AdWords management company who have enough knowledge about the entire business.

Crucial Coinages

In order to properly understand this business, you need to be aware of certain terminologies that play poignant roles.

#1 SERP or Search Engine Results Page:

The job of a PPC Agency is to create such appealing and apt Ads, which will make it to this page. SERP lists Ads when you put a thread of words for searching and shows the same. The results that it produces consist of mostly a series of sponsored or paid search ads.

#2 Ad Rank:

This is the rank, which your Ad gets by virtue of calculating certain factors like Quality Score and bid.

#3 Ad Position:

This is the position in which your Ad appears to the audiences on SERP and is determined using your Ad Rank value.

#4 Ad Delivery:

This setting influences Google for the utilization of your budget as per your requirement for individual days. This can either be accelerated (which is more quickly) or standard (which is distributed throughout the day). If you have a limited budget then this will help you to decide the time when your Ads will appear in a day.

#5 Ad Rotation:

This is a go-to feature if you have several Ads active simultaneously and you need to show a particular Ad from the group. Indefinite rotation and Optimization are the settings that help in the proper rotation of the Ads. The first of these options rotate all the Ads in the auction and Optimize selects the auction-winning Ad using Google’s learning. white label PPC managers are experts in maintaining a balance between account’s performances and messaging testing.

#6 Impression Share:

This is the ratio between the received impression and the estimated impression that is yet to be received. It is calculated using bid, quality scores, target settings, etc.

#7 Quality Score:

Calculated using various factors like CTR and more, this formula decides the relevance of your keywords with the landing page and Ads. Multiplying this score with your maximum CPC will give your Ad Rank and thereby the Ad Position.

new adwords UI

Setting the Stage

  • To ensure the visibility of your Ads on SERP, you need to manage the settings properly. All the properties of setting help to settle the frequency of your Ads and are important in the ultimate auction. The white label PPC services help in maintaining the settings accurately, so as to generate the desired results.
  • The crucial settings include Ad Rotation, Budget and Ad Delivery without which you can’t be sure about the appearance of your Ad on SERP. A full budget will make sure that the Ad shows whereas; the limitation of the same will lower the probability.

The Final Auction

  • This is the ultimate goal for which the above-mentioned preparation took place. A white label PPC expert knows how crucial this stage is and many things can change even after setting confirmation. Google will use an algorithm to determine the Ad position and rank after taking into consideration various other factors.
  • Bid, format, search and Quality Score is the factors that help in the determination of the rank. The format is the design that uses extension and texts, and the bid is the amount you agree to pay for your clicking in your ad.

The entire procedure is transparent but not all the facts are clear before the final auction. So, it will be wise to outsource service to expert PPC Agency for accurate results!

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