What to look for in an IT Asset Management Software

IT Asset management is something that most businesses ignore until there’s a critical security threat. If you are still using multiple excel sheets and documents for counting the number of assets, this blog is especially for you to switch to Asset management software that’s effective. Forget manual errors and decrease the maintenance cost by using software to record your assets. It comes with a lot of cash benefits and flexibilities but you need to look at what’s best for you.

Implementing software to manage the workflow is very important because it simplifies the process, controls the cost, improves efficiency and decreases errors. However, not all software is the same. You need to understand your business process and choose the best software that’s suitable for your business.

Let’s discuss the main features you may want to check in a software that you are planning to invest.

Everything is just a ‘tap’ away – Is your Asset management mobile friendly?

You may come across a lot of software – one might be economical and the other might be efficient but finding the best one suitable for your business needs a little bit of research. Out of all the other main factors, you need to know if the asset management software is compatible with smartphones.

Today, almost every employee has a smartphone and 70% of them use it for official purposes. A software/ app that’s accessible via mobile is the best feature that you must be looking for. With the help of the mobile app, you can access data at any time, check-in and check-out of assets become easy, and tracking and recording become simple.

Barcodes help you to identify the assets easily – Don’t you agree?

Assigning barcodes and asset tags is the best way to manage numerous assets installed in different departments. You need to look for software that can assign a unique barcode and asset tag to each asset. The software you order must have the capacity to generate barcodes, tags, and labels. The barcode must have the asset information such as serial number, date of purchase, version, department and more.

Easy tracking of inventory

Tired of using the manual systems for looking after the inventory and related communications? The ITAM software is the best solution to ease your problems. The software would keep a watch on the check-in and check-out of the inventory, the assignees, transaction details, and much more that would provide you with a quick response during emergencies. It will also be a great help to the clients like schools, emergency units, tool cribs, etc. as it can track the assets closely.

Own server or cloud? Know the hosting server

When you host the software, you can either do it on your server or on the cloud. Most companies prefer hosting the software on their own server; however, the cloud is the latest technology and has many unique benefits such as time-saving and cost-saving. When you host in your own server, you need to be worried about downtime and maintenance.

When you choose cloud servers, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, hosting issues or any other server issues. Security patch updates, upgrades, installation and other processes will be taken care of promptly and without any issues. The cloud server also initiates upgrades and updates without any issues.

Well, before Cloud migration, you also need to seriously think about hardware asset disposition and ITAD services through a company that offers a buyback of all the logistics and hardware. One such name is “Dataknox” that offers server disposition and data destruction services, stored in physical devices. Also offer data center decom & reverse logistics.

So, if you are looking for software ensure it has the necessary capability to be able to host on the cloud.

Ability to analyze the age of assets and initiate repair, disposal and more

When an IT asset is not in use for a long time, you must be able to identify it, fix the repairs and start using them again. If they are worn out, you must be ready to dispose of the assets.

Look for software that records the age of the assets, it should also include the number of times it has gone through repair, the last upgrade, the number of users depending on the asset, the criticality and other important information about the asset must be recorded and it should also be easy to generate reports based on the requirement.

The IT help desk software must be able to track the life of the asset and suggest to the IT members regarding damages and repairs.

Is your software customizable?

As discussed earlier, the IT management software must be easy to customize and be readily available for your business. Do not waste your investment on software that doesn’t allow you to customize it. You must be looking at software that is scalable and customized for your business requirements.

You must be able to customize the name, and field, and add specific calculations and other requirements that are suitable for your business. You must also be able to customize the alerts that you send.

Multiple quantities and maintenance scheduling

Tracking too many quantities at a time can be a little difficult for companies. Going through each asset, checking out its history, its consumption and other similar data can be a hectic task especially when the products come in bulk quantity. So, to deal with this confusion, look for the software that serves with tracking of multiple quantities with the asset ID.

Again, think if the equipment or machines stop working, the assets would be the best way to handle the maintenance part. The software provides the company with a complete maintenance schedule that helps in avoiding or preventing emergency repairs.

Simple and easy-to-understand configurations

What if you invest in software which is difficult for the operators in operating? The learning time would be time-consuming and the difficulties in the configuration can lead to a serious impact both on the software and the business. So, rather than going for any software, choose the one that is simple and easy to understand with configurations.

Look for an Asset management tool that benefits the company through fields that can be modified. If you can’t run the software as you want, the investment is totally vain. So, while purchasing one, go through the possible availabilities and select the best-suited one for the company.

Is the software secure? Can you trust the automated software?

Not every member of the company is allowed access to all the reports the company. And when access to the software is given to every employee, there are certain limitations that need to be looked after. So, selecting an IT service desk software that would allow security options limiting the access to all the reports, is the best way to have control over the security levels.

The software that allows limiting the asset locations, editing the reports, setting up data, administration tools, modules, and reports is an ideal one to invest in.

Buying software to manage the assets does not have overnight. You need to discuss it with the top-level management, the employees and others who will be using and enjoying the benefits of the piece of software. Realise the importance of asset management automation which is a crucial part of investments.

So, why not go for software after thinking about all the priorities to make a fruitful investment? Have you selected your choice yet?

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