What to Ask before Hiring Mobile App Development Company for Your Business App

Well, two numbers are rising steadily- Number of apps in the app store and the number of smartphone users in the world! In such a scenario, it is obvious that you need a right mobile app development partner for your next app project. But then, we have a plethora of mobile app developers available across the world that makes the selection process complex and confusing at the same time!  

Just google ‘Top Mobile App Development Company’, and you will get millions of results. Even the first page is full of directories containing a long list of best mobile app development companies as per their criteria. What’s more, you will find promises and figures in almost all the websites of mobile app developers. Altogether, your task of selecting the most suitable mobile app developer for your app project becomes more difficult.

Mobile App Development Questions

Here we give a useful questionnaire that can help you screen the mobile app development company you can hand over your project.

Can I meet a few of your clients?

Well, this is one of the most important questions you should ask all shortlisted mobile app developers. You can go through the portfolio either through their respective websites or physically while visiting their office. But, it is necessary for you to know the other side of the coin. Yes, it’s their approach toward the client. You can directly ask the development company to give contact details of a few of their clients.

What is the method of mobile app development you’re following?

A reputed app development company follows the agile methodology to address the client’s business requirements more effectively while meeting the deadlines. However, a few companies also follow the Waterfall model. Apart from the development model, you should also ask for an engagement model. It is necessary for you to know the per hour rate of developers.

Can I meet the team of developers?

Mostly mobile app development companies allow you to meet the team of developers. A few companies also arrange an interview to enable you to hire the most suitable developers for your project. It is always better to discuss the meeting with the developers before building your team.

How can I know about the user experience?

The ultimate goal of your business app, and for every app, is to offer a pleasant user experience. Therefore, which approach the developers will use to achieve this goal remains an important question in your questionnaire. The app development company you select should capable of following the trends set by other leading apps similar to your app. Also, the developer should be able to build custom mobile app solutions that are user-friendly and trendy.

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Will you help me deploy an app on the app stores?

The mobile app development solutions provider has a good insight into the app trends and standards adopted by the app stores. It is, therefore, advisable to ask whether the developer can help you deploy an app on the app store.

How will you stay connected during the process?

Communication is a key to success when it comes to the mobile app development process. You should inquire about the communication means and timings of developers so that you can explain the requirements easily and stay updated. What’s more, if you want to outsource your app project, you can get an advantage of the time zone difference. In other words, you can have the convenience to explain things as your business hours are over for the day.

Do you give code ownership to the client?

Code ownership is one of the most crucial and trickiest parts of the mobile app development project. You should ask the mobile app developer whether they will hand over the entire app along with the wire frames and codes to you once the project is completed. Some mobile app development companies tend to keep the code or wire frames with themselves after the project.

You spend a lot of bucks and efforts on developing a business app, therefore, you should emphasize on getting the complete ownership of codes.


Can I get an app for multiple platforms?

Many app development companies offer cross-platform app development services, which means that you can get a business app that can seamlessly run across multiple platforms. Also, if you want to come up with a native app either for Android or iOS, you should know whether they can build an app for the remaining platform in the future. It is important because an app development is a long-time process and you may need a business for all major platforms.

How about meeting the deadlines?

Well, there is no need to elaborate the importance of this point. Whether you want a business app or a gaming app, meeting the deadlines is equally important. You should ask for the measures taken by the mobile app development company to meet the target date.

Do you provide support and maintenance services as well?

Post-development phase is equally important to keep your app ready to face the growing challenges and address the ever-changing needs. The support and maintenance services can enable you to keep the app updated. The mobile app development companies provide the support and maintenance services as additional services, and therefore, you should better ask them about it.

What do you include in the app development cost?

The app development cost is the most crucial factor. The reason is simple- If you have to pay additional charges or hidden charges at the end of the development process, you may end up in giving much more costly than expected. You can also ask for a free quote for the comparison and get a clear idea about the factors deciding the cost of your business mobile app.

How will you kickstart the project?

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Only selected app development companies provide the wire frame development service even before you start a partnership with them. You can ask for a wire frame that includes the scope of work before hiring a developer.

You can also ask for NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect data regarding your app project and exit options. You should know the options if you have to exit the project suddenly. You can also read the SLA (Service Level Agreement) to get such information.

Can I get the end-to-end solutions for my app?

Many mobile app development companies have in-house teams for offering end-to-end app solutions. For example, the company houses teams of business analysts, app developers, app marketers, QA analysts to give all the related services. You can get the development and marketing services for your app from the same place.

Your business app is an online representative of your company, and therefore, it should be in line with your business model and ready to address future requirements. Hope these questions will help you hire the most suitable app developer.

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