What Are Progressive Web Apps And When Should You Use Them?

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are trending in the app development field. These applications are slowly taking over conventional web apps.

Known for their lightweight and responsive nature, some of their highlights include faster processing, multi-platform availability, easy accessibility, native feature simulation, etc. These make PWAs fit for businesses that need to launch apps with minimal coding quickly. 

Progressive web apps can benefit organizations exploring this modern trend to reap its benefits. PWAs have successfully overcome several initial difficulties and continue to attract big brands. Let’s learn more about this new-age application. 

What is a Progressive Web App?

PWAs are web-based apps created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They look and work like mobile applications and are designed to leverage native mobile device capabilities. Progressive web applications usually have features like push notifications and offline functionalities. 

Developers utilize modern APIs to create PWAs, which makes them robust and reliable. It also allows users to install them on any device conveniently.

What Frameworks are Usually Used for Building PWAs?

  • Angular 

Angular, a Typescript-based, open-source framework, helps develop robust and reliable PWAs. Introduced in 2010 by Google, this progressive web app framework has a modular structure and is a widely used option.

Angular offers users a collection of well-integrated libraries. They cover features like forms management, client-server communication, routing, etc. What’s more? The Angular platform comes with different tools. These aid experts in creating, testing, and updating code seamlessly.

  • ReactJS

Established by Facebook, ReactJS is known for its adaptability and is currently one of the most preferred development frameworks. 

A developer can also use this framework for mobile app development. There is another feature of ReactJS that makes it special; you can develop both single-page and multi-page web apps using this framework. 

  • PWA Builder

A user can transform an existing website into a progressive web app using PWA builder. This Microsoft product aims to boost the adoption of intuitive, user-friendly, and fast PWAs. 

The PWA builder framework allows for a well-documented, easy-to-use, and comprehensive development process. This is one of its key highlights and is pretty beneficial for new developers. 

In the case of a low budget, you can use PWA builder to create engaging web applications quickly. 

When should you use Progressive Web Applications?

An omnichannel application that performs across every platform can be a great business asset. It can be even more useful if it has a stellar loading speed and functions offline. If you plan on having such an app for your organization, then a PWA will be a fruitful investment. It can create a big impact in the right situation!

Let’s learn about the right time to use progressive web apps for your business. Check out the points mentioned below:

For Platform-Independent User Experience

A progressive web app runs on different platforms with a single code base providing users with a cross-platform hybrid app feeling. It leads to more excellent user experiences and better user retention. Additionally, it helps draw new users to the platforms. 

To Get Native-app Like Functionality

Progressive web applications are often considered to be replicas of native mobile apps. Thus, they have indistinguishable characteristics relating to functionality. A PWA automatically becomes the right choice for users that require a platform with extensive capabilities. 

In the case of a Limited Budget

Native applications are complex. Thus, it can be pretty expensive for some businesses to develop them. A progressive web app is simpler. Moreover, one can create it with fewer resources and in less time. 

It eventually helps reduce costs and is one of the top reasons people choose progressive web applications. PWAs are highly suitable for startups and organizations with limited budgets. 

For Better Visibility

A highly-functional progressive web application can help your organization be more visible in the virtual space. Additionally, the faster performance of PWAs enables them to reach a larger audience. Thus, more people can become familiar with the brand. If you are planning an effective SEO strategy, consider including these apps. 

For Quick Development

If you want a well-crafted application quickly, let’s say within a month, you can go for a PWA. Native application design and development tend to be immensely time-consuming. The process can take months, and many business organizations cannot afford that. 

It is a crucial reason companies prefer PWA development which does not take much time like native app development. A brand can get a progressive web app built quickly and move on to its sales and marketing activities. 

What are the Benefits of Using Progressive Web Apps?

There are innumerable benefits associated with PWAs. I have highlighted a few notable ones below. 

Fast Installation

PWAs are different from regular mobile apps. A user does not have to face a long and complex installation process with progressive web applications that boost user experience significantly. Users can download the application directly to their devices without visiting the Google Play Store or App Store. 

After downloading the PWA, you can access it using the desktop icon. Specific browsers present call-to-action-like teasers prompting people to download apps while visiting their sites. 

Better Performance

A progressive web app caches and serves content efficiently and precisely. It enables them to function like websites and witness improvements in running speeds. Impeccable performance is another aspect that enhances user experience and conversion rates. 

There is a strong reason why businesses invest highly in PWAs; it leads to better ROI with limited downtime and smoother user experience. It is a much better result as compared to most web apps. Moreover, progressive web applications work fine under slow networks. It is because of their lightweight nature. 

No Updating Issues

These apps have a particular functionality. As a result, they update automatically and do not notify or bother users with permission requests. The updates usually happen with user activities. It thus removes the need to install batch changes. 

Some PWA producers even send push notifications to users informing them about the new update’s arrival and installation. 

Uninterrupted Offline Operation

Do you know what makes these applications better than websites? They can work well in slower networks or offline conditions. The service workers in the PWAs cache vital features and information of the app automatically. 

It then allows users to leverage the app without an internet connection and will be based on information accessed and saved by the users earlier. If they try to access pages that they have not visited in online mode, the PWA will display a custom offline page. 

It is a critical feature for eCommerce business owners as it enables them to prevent users from leaving their catalogs, thereby enhancing retention. 

Push Notification Functionality

Companies can leverage the push notification function to use their content advertising activities best. It increases opportunities to promote their offerings. 

These notifications are usually displayed on mobile devices’ screens. It can attract users’ attention significantly compared to other marketing methods like social media posts, email newsletters, and blog entries. 

Enhanced Security

Progressive web applications leverage HTTPS to ensure data safety and minimize the risk of security breaches. Additionally, these apps utilize Web Bluetooth technology that comprises some security capabilities. 


Businesses thus can rely on progressive web apps for better and smoother functioning owing to their multiple features and benefits. They can work with a company providing progressive web app development services.

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