What are best Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions for 2018

Mobile Management is one of the fast-paced evolving fields. From different mobile device management or MDM to enterprise mobility management or EMM, there is now unified management of UEM where the technology is constantly adapted to the requirements of the enterprise. While there are many EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM solutions which are available in the market, it is quite common that most of the leading solutions provide bundled and multiple components of mobility.

These different elements of mobility consist of MDM, UEM, mobile application management or MAM, mobile content as well as email management or MCM and MEM along with mobile collaborate and configuration and policy management. In order to assist in choosing the enterprise mobility management solution for your business, we offer you a list of few of the best enterprise mobility solutions in class.


The Amtel MDM provides you with the ability to easily and safely deploy your own mobile devices in the enterprise by using a completely unified console for the purpose of increased operating efficiency. With this particular solution, the users can easily secure their devices as well as protect access to their enterprise data from BYOD or corporate devices.

It can be deployed easily from a particularly secure private cloud. The mobile security solution from Amtel is best suited for a smartphone as well as tablet deployments in the enterprise.


The multi-platform enterprise mobility management solution from BlackBerry offers the comprehensive device, content management and application with integrated connectivity and security for BlackBerry, Android, iOS devices.

The users are provided with the ability to easily deploy, control and even manage both BYOD and corporate device users through a unique and unified console. It is also considered as the most secure solution as the main focus of BlackBerry is to move away from producing mobile devices. It is among the best enterprise mobility services in the market.


The Centrify cloud and software services allow the enterprises to security and easily leverage the existing infrastructure to manage a wide range of different identity-related IT activities centrally like access control, authentication, privilege management, compliance across both data center and cloud-based resources and policy enforcement.

Centrify is a full-fledged EMM which is integrated with improved Identity Management. Its MBM provides the ability to push email automatically, VPS and WiFi settings. as well as ensure device compliance.


The Citrix XenMobile is a great and comprehensive solution for the purpose of managing apps, mobile devices, and data. The users are provided with single-click access to their mobile, Windows and SaaS apps from a completely unified corporate app store which also includes integrated email, data sharing, browser, and support apps.

The IT gains control over different mobile devices with full security, configuration, support capabilities, and provisioning. The different deployment options provide the IT with the choice to easily manage XenMobile in the on-premise and cloud. It is one of the premium enterprise mobile software solutions.


There a different unique features that FileWave has, and the most notable among them is the support for almost all major operating systems like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Chrome OS, all within one console. It is a major plus for any enterprise which needs or even require the ability to easily manage a growing number of diverse population of devices, users, accounts, applications and content etc.

Along with this, all of the features and products are all-inclusive which ensure the IT teams to have all of the required tools needed without any add-ons.


It offers an affordable and brilliant mobility solution which is able to support numerous mobile devices all from one particular screen with quite an intuitive user interface. This software is quite capable of handling the entire enterprise mobility management.

It assists the users with its inherent ability to easily manage all the devices centrally, disable as well as restrict features and even create policies with configurations that user desire and then assign them to particular groups.


The Virtual Mobile Infrastructure or VMI platform of Hypori provides the business with the ability to easily keep its data secure within the business and not exposed to the mobile device of the end user.

This solution offers users with access to a particular virtual mobile device in the cloud from Windows, Android and iOS devices while also offering improved security along with compliance for the business.


The IBM Maas360 Enterprise Mobility Management device, app, as well as content management with the significantly strong security, actually simplify how to easily go mobile. The business can easily monitor for threats as well as automate compliance in order to maximize security without even compromising the entire user experience.

It also delivers the ability to easily diagnose as well as resolve user, device or application issues, well in real-time from a specific web-based portal which offers complete IT control and visibility and also ensuring optimum and improved mobile user productivity.

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Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive cloud solution meant for the consumerization of IT as well as BYOD challenges. These enterprise tools and the technologies can easily help the IT in maintaining the security across different types of devices, regardless of whether the particular devices are personal or corporate assets.

The tools of this solution can even establish security measures which protect the system, data as well as networks of the organization. It is also built to support any size of business or enterprise.


The EMM platform from MobileIron allows the IT to easily secure and even manage devices, content and apps providing the end users with instant access to entire corporate data on the specific mobile devices of their own choice.

With this particular purpose built EMM platform, the businesses can easily spend more time on innovation and drive their business and less time in securing the mobile devices. It is an effective solution for different sizes of business.


The Symantec Mobile Suite provides a unified solution which enforces constant and consistent security standards without impeding the productivity as well as the personal privacy of the end users. It also offers flexible and comprehensive sets of tools in order to secure data, deliver content and apps, and also protect against a wide range of threats. This suite provides the users what they require in order to be productive without any compromise to the security or the entire user experience.


Enterprise Mobility Management solutions are revolutionizing the business in handling their business operations to ensure a seamless experience to the end users without compromising on the security and other vital aspects. These above-mentioned EMMs are among the best in the market which are available at reasonable costs.

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