How A Custom Website Development Can Boost Conversions

Businesses that are in e-commerce knows the importance of attracting customers and therefore put in efforts to increase the conversion rates. While developing a website, there are certain elements that are often ignored such as design elements when the designers focus more on the functionality aspect.

Focusing just on functionalities and not on the design returns as losing your potential customers. All e-commerce businesses that run an online business consider client conversions as the most important part for them, therefore, while developing a website, each aspect of the website must be given significant care to improve the overall efficiency of the website.

There is no doubt that a custom website development improves the conversation rates so let’s discuss some factors that must be considered to improve a website’s efficiency.

Design A Responsive Website:

Almost every single person is using mobile devices and not desktop computers. There is a large number of people who shop using their smartphone. If your custom website design is not responsive and does appear well on mobile devices, then you are missing out on potential customers. Make the design fully responsive as it is recommended by search engines as Google ranks the site better which follows the latest UX design principles.

Improve The Loading Speed Of Your Website:

Users do not have the patience for websites with poor loading speeds, and they switch to next. On average, a website that takes more than two seconds to load is losing their current visitors and hence decreasing their conversion rates. Your users expect a quick load of web pages, and if they do not, the users will not stick around.

Here are a few ways to improve your website’s speed:

  • Minimize HTTP requests.
  • Eliminate all un-optimized website pages, unused scripts and files.
  • Reduce the images, compress Images and Optimizes Files.

High-Performance Hosting:

If you have put in great efforts in developing a website but a poor web hosting, then you are just spoiling all the efforts. Every website that we see is hosted on a server that is also called your website’s hosting company. Choosing a reliable website hosting company make your website secure with low downtime and keeps your website stable and does not give a negative impact of your reputation to the users.

Remove Unimportant Plugins:

When there are plugins cluttered, and they conflict, a WordPress site is going to stop or break. Removing the unnecessary or unused plugins from a WordPress improves your website’s performance. Go through all the themes and plugins and check if they are in use or not and remove all the unnecessary ones.

Add Testimonials:

Real testimonials from clients are the golden words that impact websites’ efficiency. Having a testimonial that tells how well the products and services are on your website is highly valuable for the viewers. People usually focus more on recommendations and suggestion so if your website has good customer reviews, then it is likely going to help you in getting more customers.

You know the product is good. You know it is a really good deal. However, you probably wouldn’t still buy it. Why? Because you do not trust. Research shows that there are below four reasons when customers do not purchase.

  • No need
  • No money
  • Not in a hurry
  • No trust

Trust is something that is in your hand, and you can build it with good customer reviews and experience.

Call to Action Buttons:

A call to action is everything; they are the leading buttons that lead to conversions. A subtle movement that makes the page beautiful and the button attractive should do the trick. Don’t make them obnoxious and annoying. In reality, a call to action button has the direct link with the purchase funnel. The more attractive your CTA is, the more users are going to click it, and your purchase funnel with eventually rise.


Website owners spend lots of money in marketing and in bringing visitors to their site through paid marketing, but only a few of them work on reducing the bounce rate, retaining the visitors and turning them into potential customers. If you have your online presence especially in the e-commerce industry, then you must follow the above design elements to boost the conversion rate of your website.

Loius Martin is a professional blogger who writes about Design, Development and Digital Marketing. With years of experience, he knows how to connect to dots to create a brand identity. Read more of his articles @loiusmartin1