VPS Hosting: When Should You Go For It?

If you have been with shared hosting and are expecting more traffic, then you may weigh the option of going with VPS hosting in India.  Some of the critical issues that you may be facing:

  • Site slowing down
  • Resource crunch
  • No control of hosting

But many other factors may indicate that you should be moving to VPS hosting:

1. Increased Incoming Traffic

When the incoming traffic on your site increases, you may end up getting a notification from the hosting provider that you are exceeding the resource limits. And it is a first significant sign that you have to upgrade the hosting. Another way is to keep a close eye on load times and visitor traffic when they increase you may turn to VPS hosting.

2. You need more reliability website

When you want your site to be more reliable, then you will want to provide dedicated resources to it. And with VPS hosting your site has its virtual space. You will be able to get back-ups, better monitoring, etc.

3. You want server root access

Have you reached a point where you require complete control over your web host? Do you want to perform advanced actions like custom software installation or custom server configuration? Then it is time to start evaluation for VPS hosting.

4. You have security concerns

When you need better security features, better monitoring capabilities, more backup space, improved reliability, then VPS is better. With VPS, you get reliable and best security features.

4. Your Website is Consistently Running Slowly

Shared hosting will be of limited utility when your site uses a lot of RAM. When you add more content, there will be a decrease in site’s load times. When you move to VPS, you will scale up your website and don’t have to worry about slow page load speed.

Why go with Managed VPS Hosting?

When you go with it server administration, troubleshooting, and management of the applications will be taken care of by the provider.

  • Linux/Windows – Make sure the hosting package you select is compatible with your operating system.
  • Reliability – should have uptime ratings of 99.5% and above. Anything lower is just
  • Hardware – When purchasing a VPS hosting package, make sure your service provider offers the latest and greatest in hardware, including solid state drives (SSD) — the fastest storage technology.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – So make sure you purchase a VPS hosting package from a company that offers 24/7 customer support.
  • Backup Service – Make sure when you purchase VPS service, you choose a provider that makes backups easy.

In The End

If you see that your website is growing, it is time to increase your site’s resources. VPS hosting in India may cost you more than a shared plan, but you get excellent performance, lower tensions, and you can focus more on other aspects of the business.

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